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Augmented Product

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Augmented product: add-on extras that do not form an integral part of the product but which might be used, particularly by retailers, to increase the product's benefits or attractiveness. Includes guarantees, installation, after-sales service, etc.

Augmented product
Differentiating via branding and features in this market is not enough. You must also be able to make sure that the customer has some form of good quality after care service in the form of warranties, technical back up line and so on.

Augmented Product
A component of the Total Product offered by the marketer, this represents goods and services that surround the Actual Product in order to provide additional value to the customer's purchase and include guarantees, warranties and training services.
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Augmented Product

a product enhanced by the addition of related services and benefits, eg. installation, warranty, mai ... more ...

So when you buy a car, part of the augmented product would be the warranty, the customer service support offered by the car's manufacturer and any after-sales service. The augmented product is an important way to tailor the core or actual product to the needs of an individual customer.

The Core product, the actual product and the ~. Product differentiation deals with making changes in the marketing mix of a product so as to differentiate it from whatever the competition is offering OR to offer a product which stands out in the market.

smell, shape; clean bed, towel, quietness, etc - ~s - additional services and benefits that the seller adds to distinguish the offer from competitors. E.g.

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