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Below the Line Advertising
No change in the advertising landscape has been more important than the influx of expenditures devoted to what has become known as below the line advertising.

Below the line (BTL): an advertising technique that uses less conventional methods the ATL advertising, such promotions, direct marketing, sponsorship and public relations ...

Below the line
Non-media advertising or promotion when no commission has been paid to the advertising agency or media owner. Includes direct mail, point of sale displays, giveaways.
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Below the line
Below the line' is a term commonly used to refer to non-media advertising or promotion when no commission has been paid to the advertising agency. This includes direct mail, point of sale displays, and other sales promotions.
Benchmarking ...

Below the line (BTL): advertising that encourages the consumer to respond somehow (getting into a dialogue with them) - getting them to click a link or post something back or make a call, for example - such as much direct mail, internet ads that want consumers to click on them ...

A traditional term to describe alternatives to the mass media approach to promotion
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~ Advertising Definition
~ advertising is one of the two key categories of advertising (the other is above the line advertising). Typically this form of advertising involves more direct contact with… Read More
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~ (BTL)
A type of sales promotion focusing on short-term incentives, usually targeted toward consumers.
Beyond the banner
The idea that in addition to banner ads, there are other ways to use the Internet to communicate a marketing message.

In video production, any cost not itemised in a production budget when making a film or video is said to be '~'.

Advertising (above and ~).
Merchandising (and point-of-sale).
EMarketing (and Internet promotions).

Corporate Sponsorship - a form of ~ advertising in which a corporation offers funding to a group, association, sporting body, etc. in return for a range of promotional opportunities.

Comparatively, it is pretty easier in Product marketing and finds a major usage in BTL ( ~) sales promotion.
Adoption - The actual adoption of the product. Wherein the consumer finally decides to adopt the product.

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