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Benchmarking needs to be supported and driven by senior leaders.
Prerequisites (such as organizational structure, processes) need to be in place.
Conducting benchmarking for the wrong reasons can be problematic e.g.

Process in which an organization continuously compares and measures itself against business leaders anywhere in the world to learn how it could improve performance.
Written sales proposal from a vendor.
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Benchmark: A "control" against which one compares study results. For example, you might compare the results of a study in one country (the benchmark) to the results of a study in another country, ...

Benchmarking Occurs when the retailer sets its own standards and measures performance based on the achievements of its sector of retailing, specific competitors, high-performance firms, and/or the prior actions of the company itself.

comparing the performance of an organisation's products or processes with those of competitors or a recognised world leader, usually in another industry; typical performance measures include costs, productivity, process waste, and order processing time.
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Comparing business performance with others -, with a standard or benchmark; used as a gauge for success or quality.
Theoretically the amount of client monies controlled by an ad agency.

~ measures - Measures of a target audience's status concerning response hierarchy variables such as awareness, knowledge, image, attitude, preferences, intentions, or behavior.

The process of comparing the products and services of a business against those of competitors in a market, or leading businesses in other markets, in order to find ways of improving quality and performance
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Benchmarking: A structured approach for identifying the best practices from industry and government, and comparing and adapting them to the organization's operations.

A study conducted to obtain an originating point in time measurement. A benchmark is usually conducted prior to a change in stimuli. The results are then used as a standard for comparison.

How to Use Benchmarking in Project Management
One of the main objects of a project management plan is to define goals and set steps and action plans to ensure that the goals are met. Benchmarking in project… Read More
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Sub-brand Benchmarking (ORM)
This allows for the reputation of products, individuals, or competitors to be compared against one another providing real-time SWOT analysis.
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" CPM is commonly used in marketing as a benchmark to calculate the relative cost of an advertising campaign or an ad message. Rather than an absolute cost, CPM estimates the cost per 1000 views of the ad.

Firm should estimate its competitors' costs and performances as benchmarks against which to compare its own costs and performances It should go further and study the 'best of class' practices of the world's best companies.

Again, benchmarking is key here. If the bounce rate is high, you want to optimize that content, re-write it and write it better. Thus, our suggestion for "power articles". Time on page is also related to this.

Establish standards of performance to use as a benchmark, which will allow you to take corrective action, adjusting your strategies along the year. Examples:
- Measure the increase in volume of contacts and inquiries after key communications programs.

Brand Values The code by which the brand lives. The brand values act as a benchmark to measure behaviors and performance.
Brand Personality The brand's personality traits (See also definition for Brand Personality).
Brand Tone of Voice How the brand speaks to its audiences.

Are you achieving the objectives you set for yourself? To evaluate your plan some benchmarks may include:
- Market share data.
- Sales data.
- Consumer feedback.
- Feedback from staff.
- Feedback from retailers.

a feeling of a high end product by its packaging, delivery and product promise, based on years or consistent promotion in its iconic coffee houses as "creating a product of excellence." (Also see Skimming, used when there is no competition for the product and the price is used as a benchmark.

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