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All non-programming time on radio and TV; this includes time given to advertsing commercials, station or channel promotions, station or channel identifications and program credits. Excessively high clutter levels may result in audience tune-out.
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A term used to describe the phenomenon of a marketplace being full or even overcrowded with products. It also refers to the extreme amount of advertising the average consumer sees in their daily lives.
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Excessive amounts of advertising carried by media vehicles. Term refers to the total amount of advertising time and space and to its scheduling long strings of consecutive commercials for broadcasting.

Clutter - All of the extraneous non-program elements within a given program or time period, e.g., program titles, billboards, station promos, commercials, network identification, local station identification, public service announcements, etc.

clutter - High levels of advertising activity, particularly in terms of number of advertising units, so that any given ad or commercial tends to be lost in the crowded commercial environment.

Online Clutter Makes it More Important than Ever That Your Direct Marketing Letters are Written Effectively

By Christopher J. Bachler ...

Cluttered Home Page
You have probably seen these sites - there is so much information on the page it makes it impossible to know where to start first. Simplify the process and have a clear plan on where you want your visitor to go and make it easy for them.

When an advertisement is surrounded by other ads, thereby forcing it to compete for the readers attention or the extent to which a publication’s pages are fragmented into small block of advertising and / or editorial.

Marketing clutter
The high volume of marketing messages the average consumer is exposed to on a daily basis
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Advertising Clutter (also Promotional Clutter)
A concept in advertising (and promotion in general) that suggests that the existence of a large number of advertising messages within media outlets (e.g., television, newspaper, radio, etc.) makes it difficult for viewers to recognize and remember ...

Clutter the term given to the proliferation of advertising messages aimed at consumers. In TV, it refers to all nonprogram minutes, such as commercials, station promotions, billboards, public service announcements, etc.

Experience marketing touches consumers at a visceral level and cuts through the media clutter
Advertising Age
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Branding, What's Inside
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Examples of ingredient branding can be seen almost everywhere today. Is this strategy appropriate for you?

If your site is disorganized, too cluttered or not visually appealing people will navigate away from it faster than you can say conversion. Combat this by creating a site that is basic, visually appealing and user friendly.

Let's face it, we live in a world cluttered with advertisements, it can be difficult to break through all of it and get to your target market customers.

Selling used goods is a way to eliminate clutter from your home, get rid of things you don't need or use anymore, as well as make some extra money. Pricing used goods can be tricky because you will lose the interest of buyers if you price the items too high or too low.

Outdoor offers a means to cut through the clutter of daily life by reinforcing messages that intercept consumers consistently throughout the course of daily routines. Outdoor impacts time-stressed consumers with targeted reach, frequency and continuity when other media struggle for an audience.

1. They cut through marketing clutter and communicate your brand promise in a sticky, memorable way.
2. They are an accountability tool in that they remind you of your own brand promise.
3. They are the customers' indicator of a future experience. [Read more...] ...

Feed - Coming in an XML language that uses either RSS or Atom formatting are an extremely popular way for organizations to get their messages through the clutter and into the hands of interested parties.

Get known with SmartBiz! The key to Web success is cutting through the clutter and getting word out. SmartBiz helps ratchet up your company's exposure with logo displays on the Home Page and Special Offers section.
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Cascading style sheets (CSS) address many of the problems of old-style HTML. Some of the older tags, especially the notorious , clutter Web page source code and make for inflexible sites. With CSS, style information can be centralized.

Banner Blindness
The fallout from proliferation of banner ads is that website visitors tend to ignore them. And that's even when the banner ads contain the information they are looking for. Typical reasons for this are on-screen clutter and poorly designed banner ads.

Definition: Submitting your web page address(es) to search engines after you've already submitted those addresses previously or after the search engine has already included your site in its index. Search engines don't like it when you resubmit as it simply clutters their queue with duplicate ...

The VeriFone Tranz 460 combines a VeriFone terminal with a 2 3/4" wide impact printer. It features a small footprint that saves valuable counter space and eliminates messy printer cables and clutter.

Because search engines rely on organization and efficiency, they will not index duplicate content so as to avoid index clutter.

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Marketing & Web  Clustering  Clutter level

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