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Communication process

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Communication Process: When we are discussing about planning activity, we consider the offer, which consists of product, services, price and the way it is represented to the customer through a communication message. Communication helps the marketer to builds up image of the product.

Communication Process
the process by which a message, encoded by a sender, is transmitted through a medium to a receiver, who encodes the message and provides feedback.
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Communication process A description or explanation of the chain-of-events involved in communicating information from one party to another. Comparative advertising An advertising appeal that consists of explicitly comparing one product brand to a competitive brand.

Integrated Marketing Communication Process
Integrated marketing communication is a way of approaching the marketing process from the customer's viewpoint. It involves the coordination of all five marketing communication methods -- personal selling, advertising, public… Read More ...

Receiver - the target of a message in the communication process.

Reciprocity - a practice, which may be illegal under the Trade Practices Act, in which a firm gives purchasing preference to a firm to which it sells.

Decoding - the step in the communication process in which the receiver accepts and interprets the message. See Communication Process; Encoding.

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