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Competitive Environment

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Competitive Environment
Time Warner has formidable competition in each of its major business segments. The company's AOL Division must face off against such firms as Google, Yahoo and Microsoft.

Competitive Environment - that part of the company's external environment which consists of other firms vying for patronage of the same market.
Competitive Equilibrium - a market situation of relatively stable competitive position and activity.

Economic and competitive environment: trends and developments in terms of the economic well-being and condition of individuals, nations or trading blocs, including taxation and interest rates, etc.

The analysis of the competitive environment, or “SWOT', should be worked subsequently. At this time, investigate all public information available about your top competitors, and get a clear understanding of their Strengths and Weaknesses.

So what is a business owner to do in this kind of a competitive environment where giants spend millions of dollars on marketing?

In order to survive in a ~, restaurants must develop a strategic marketing plan. These days there are new and innovative marketing tools that can be added to the… Read More
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Strategies employed by a brand to occupy a specific, clearly defined niche in the ~. Positioning addresses every element of the marketing mix—e.g, messaging, market segmentation, brand imagery-to manage perceptions in the target market.
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Brand Positioning The distinctive position that a brand adopts in its ~ to ensure that individuals in its target market can tell the brand apart from others. Positioning involves the careful manipulation of every element of the marketing mix.

The specific niche in which the brand defines itself as occupying in the ~. Positioning addresses differentiating brand attributes, user benefits and target segments, singly or in combination.
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There are, in fact, few constraints on what might be considered an advertisement. To thrive in a ~, media leaders need to know not just what types of advertising are out there, but how much of it exists and, most importantly, how best to capture it.

(a) Prospectively profitable: the segment's characteristics (e.g. price levels, growth rate) and ~ (e.g. number of competitors, basis of competition) are conducive to a growing pool of profits.

A hierarchical business structure, unlike business that operates in a ~ that does not reward slow decision making if it results in poor sales or customer service. Library's are often linked to large bureaucracies, government or schools and universities.

Daewoo aim their vehicles at price sensitive buyers who require a bundle of benefits for the price. In today's globally ~ brands are specifically developed and positioned within particular income segments inorder to maximise turnover.

A plan -- either standalone or a component of a larger business plan -- that defines all aspects of the marketing strategy. Areas that the plan should cover include product pricing, promotion, messaging, channel strategies and an analysis of the ~.
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