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Concept Development and Testing

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Concept Development and Testing - The third step in New product development is Concept Development and Testing. An attractive idea has to be developed into a Product concept.

Concept Development and Testing

a two-phase stage in the development of a new product in which potential buyers are presented first ... more ...

Concept development and testing-Can we find a good concept for the product that consumers say they would try? Concept: who will use the product? What primary benefit should the product provide? When will people consume?

Stage 3: Concept Development and Testing
The organisation may have come across what they believe to be a feasible idea, however, the idea needs to be taken to the target audience. What do they think about the idea? Will it be practical and feasible?

Business Analysis - a stage in the new product development process in which the information gathered in the screening, concept development and testing and marketing planning stages is used to produce break-even and return-on-investment projections.

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