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Convenience Product - a category of consumer product purchased frequently and with little thought and effort.
Convenience Store - a neighbourhood store which stocks frequently purchased items such as milk, bread and cigarettes.

Convenience products are inexpensive frequent purchases, there is little effort needed to purchase them. Examples may include fast food and confectionery products. Convenience products are split into staples, such as milk, eggs and emergency products which are purchased when the need arises e.g.

convenience product A consumer good and/or service (such as soap, candy bar, and shoe shine) that is bought frequently, often on impulse, with little time effort spent on the buying process. A convenience product usually is low-priced and is widely available.

In general, for convenience products, intense distribution is desirable, but only brands that have a certain amount of power-e.g., an established brand name-can hope to gain national intense distribution.

There are several different categories that are used in marketing to describe a type of product. The main terms used are; convenience products, shopping or shop products, speciality goods and industrial products. There are also other sub-categories such as; emergency products and unsought products.

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Marketing & Web  Convenience Goods  Convenience sample

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