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Desire - Have you seen the commercials wherein you just have to get out of your house and get the product? Perhaps a car, an ice cream or a house. The same has to be done by the sales person in personal selling.

Desire Competitors - all companies and organisations offering a product that the consumer desires immediately. See Competitors.
Desk Jobber - see Drop Shipper.
Desk Research - see Secondary Research.

Desire: The thing advertisers try to induce in the audience.
Dial it up: increase in measurement of artwork size, colour, or elements within the artwork. EG Let's dial up the red in the background ...

Desire and
Action in exactly that sequence.
This means that your sales copy first has to grab the reader's Attention, usually done by a impinging headline .

The desired action can take many forms, varying from site to site. Examples include sales of products, membership registrations, newsletter subscriptions, software downloads, or just about any activity beyond simple page browsing.

The ~d action you want a visitor to take on your site. Includes purchase, subscription to the company newsletter, request for follow-up or more information (lead generation), download of a company free offer (research results, a video or a tool), subscription to company updates and news.

A want is a ~ for a specific product or service to satisfy the underlying need.
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Demand is the ~ for a product at the market price, whereas supply is the quantity available at that price at any given time. Demand and supply this term used by marketing consultants or economists.

objectives The ~d or needed result to be achieved by a specific time. An objective is broader than a goal, and one objective can be broken down into a number of specific goals.

(1) D, Because it ~s that company expenditures contribute to profits
(2) C, A percentage
(3) D, All of the above
(4) D, 19% ...

MAND Money, Authority, Need and ~ -- the requisites of a qualified lead. Market Penetration The percentage of buyers you have as compared with the total households or businesses in the area you have selected as your market.

Collectibles A type of premium that consumers may ~ to have as a part of a greater collection of similar goods. Color proof An early full-color print of a finished advertisement, used to evaluate the ad's final appearance.

AIDA model of communication: A communication model which aims to obtain Attention, Interest, ~ and Action.
Advertising objective: The objective of your communication strategy. To inform of a new development, persuade or remind.

Currently, the ~ to avoid aiding the enemy may result in laws that make it more difficult for American firms to export goods to other countries.

All strategies, tactics and activities involved in getting the ~d marketing messages to intended target markets, regardless of the media used.
A term for camera-ready paste-up of artwork. It includes type, photos, line art, overlays, etc., all on one piece of art board.

Lisa knows that at the heart of all technological advancement lies a true ~ for deeper and more effective communication.

A keyword phrase is generally two or more words that are used by advertisers in search engine optimization, or by visitors who are using search engines in a ~ to find information based on that particular phrase.

The web allows us to match producers' ~ for economies of scale, and consumers' ~ for variety of choice to satisfy a set of needs. Thus we can have a meta market for a wedding (event) that includes honeymoon recommendations, sources for engagement rings and wedding gowns.

A conversion is a ~d client or customer action and is one measure of the success of a web site or advertising program. Successful conversions can be either online or offline.

Incentive Marketing A program designed to incent specific behavior to achieve ~d results. Incentive programs are typically used to motivate employees, customers, sales reps, resellers, etc. Incentive More. InDesign The new challenger to Quark XPress for page layout tools.

Conversion Rate - The number of visitors who convert (take a ~d action at your site) after clicking through on your ad, divided by the total number of click-throughs to your site for that ad.

Quota Sample - A sample in which ~d sample size or quotas are established for various universe subclasses (controls). The purpose is to insure the characteristics of the sample being examined are distributed in proportion to the characteristics of the total population.

The number of visitors who convert (take a ~d action at your site) after clicking through on your ad, divided by the total number of click-throughs to your site for that ad.

As quoted by the Associated Press, Overture spokesperson Jennifer Stephens attributed the casino ban to a "lack of clarity in the current environment" and a ~ to conform with its parent company's policies. Yahoo stopped displaying banner advertising for Online Casinos in late 2002.

CRO: Acronym that stands for Conversion Rate Optimization includes testing various aspects of a website to improve the rate at which website visitors perform some ~d action prior to leaving a website.

One characteristic of many traders and investors is their ~ to start looking at particular stocks, currency pairs, or precious metals to find the investment that will make money for them.

PageRank is the most intense point of focus, speculation, observation, and ~ in the Webmaster and optimization communities. More than any other single marketing factor, PageRank has the power to determine a site's visibility.

Conversion Rate: The number of visitors who completed the ~d action. For example: signing up for news letter, buying your product, downloading a trial version of a software, etc.

The way to seek a rental car is obvious: type the ~d category of car into the search engine, and from there the horsepower hits the search engine highway.

Attention, Interest, ~, Action. This is a traditional model of the purpose and flow of marketing communications and direct sales efforts:
1. Create attention;
2. Generate interest;
3. Develop ~;
4. Initiate action.
Contributed by: MarcommWise Staff ...

Safety Needs - the ~ of humans for safety, shelter, security and warmth.

Safety Recall - the request by a manufacturer for the return of a particular batch or model of a product (for repair, replacement or credit) when the product has been found to be defective or unsafe.

Self-improvement is a ~ of most individuals. This ~ is highly evident in the lengths people go to, to appear more attractive. By catering to this ~, merchants in the… Read More
Marketing Stratagies for a Floral Business ...

For Web sites, the conversion rate is the number of visitors who took the ~d action divided by the total number of visitors in a given time period (typically, per month).

The process by which a website visitor completes a process that is ~d by the website owner. In B2C (Business-to-Consumer) sites, a conversion is typically an online sale.

Sampling Formula: A formula based on the ~d number of completes, the incidence, the acceptance, and the type of sample that Decision Analyst uses to calculate the number of sample records needed for a survey.
Sampling Fraction: The proportion of the universe represented by a sample.

Conversion - When a user takes the ~d action. Perhaps signing up to an email list or buying a product, that user has ‘converted'.
Conversion Rate - The percentage of people that convert. For example if 4 out of 10 visitors buy a product you have a 40% conversion rate.

The process of discovering and then communicating the ~d brand image.

The marketer (a company like Procter and Gamble) offers goods and services ~d by the market (the pool of potential customers). In return, the market (the customer) gives back something of value to the marketer, generally money. Both ends receive something of value in the exchange process.

Attention, Interest, ~, Action. The four standard steps of direct marketing.
The art of using traffic and sales statistics to understand user behaviour and improve the performance of your site ...

Attention, Interest, ~, Conviction, Action: a model describing the engagement model that marketing communication is intended to initiate in the mind of a prospective customer.
Ambient Media ...

Class Consciousness The extent to which a person ~s and pursues social status.
Classification Merchandising Allows firms to obtain more financial data by subdividing each specified department into further categories for related types of merchandise.

Here are a few common example ~d goals
a product sale
completing a lead form
a phone call
capturing an email
filling out a survey
getting a person to pay attention to you
getting feedback
having a site visitor share your website with a friend
having a site visitor link at your site ...

A-I-D-A: Shorthand for Attention, Interest, ~, Action (the four key components of direct marketing copy).
BRC: Business Reply Card. A postage-paid costcard used to place an order, ask about a product, or request additional information.

Attention, Interest, ~, Action: A term used to describe a formula to increase conversions.
A mathematical formula used to determine the value of a page when compared against others.

AIDA - Stands for attention, interest, ~, and action (AIDA). This is a historical model of how advertising works, by first getting the consumer's attention, then their interest, etc.
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How easy it is for customers to perform the ~d actions.
The structure and formatting of text and hyperlink based calls to action can drastically increase your website usability, and thus conversion rates.
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AIDAS: "Attention, Interest, ~, Action, Satisfaction" - elements of a sales campaign that establishes and sustains the prospect's momentum from initial contact up to and beyond the "close".

The percentage of visitors to a website that perform a ~d action, such as making a purchase or filling out a form. For example, if 30 visitors out of 100 subscribe to a newsletter, the conversion rate is expressed as 30%.
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Attention, Interest, ~, Action - the stages of the original sales / purchase funnel
Ambient media
Communication via media which surround us in everyday life ...

Conversion rate - the percentage of visitors who take a ~d action prompted by a message
Cookie - the information that is stored on a website visitor's computer by a website so preferences are remembered on future requests ...

Double or Verified Opt-in - The process of having subscribers confirm their ~ to receive your information by clicking on a confirmation link sent to them via email. This second step ensures that the person verifying their subscription made the original request.

A brand's promise expressed in simple terms that are rooted in a fundamental customer need or ~ (e.g. Volvo = safety).
Brand Extension
A new product or service that is related to an existing brand, but that offers different features/benefit and/or appeals to a different target segment.

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Target Audience
The audience most ~d by advertisers in terms of potential product/service usage and revenue potential.
Television Households
An estimate of the number of households that have one or more television sets.

Value-driven marketing requires a deep ~ to serve ... a deep love of your customers. It requires a daily commitment to seek "more ways to add value to your clients' lives/businesses." How are you adding value to your clients' lives or businesses on a daily basis?

Pre-testing: showing an advertisement to a sample of the target audience during its development to check whether it is conveying the ~d message in the ~d way with the ~d effect.

As this story discusses, Campbell Soup is facing tough times and this appears to be attributed to consumers' ~ for fresher products. It seems especially to be an issue with consumers in the under-30 year-old market, commonly identified as the millennial generation.

Collating - The process of arranging your printed and/or other materials into a ~d sequence and packing them for despatch.
Colour mode - Refers to the way in which the colour is created in the document, an example could be CMYK or RGB.

CR (Conversion Rate) - Percentage of site visitors that take a ~d action.
CSS (Cascading Style Sheets) - A text data format used to separate style from structure on Web pages.

Abbreviation for cost per action. Type of advertising in which a web site gets paid each time an end user performs a ~d action.
Abbreviation for cost per click. Type of advertising in which a web site gets paid each time an end user clicks a link to the advertiser's web site.

Conversion rate - The percentage of recipients of an email who take the marketer?s ~d action whether it is to purchase a product or provide information (can be multiplied by 100 to express the result as a percentage).

Qualify: Screening prospects to make sure they have the need, ~, and -- most important -- the vast fiscal reserves to buy your product or service.
RFP: Request for Proposal.

Affiliate marketing allows advertisers to pay affiliates who link to their sites based on performance, and only when a ~d action or sale occurs. Advertisers are usually referred to as merchants and the referring party as an affiliate or publisher .
Affiliate Network ...

Goals may include driving targeted traffic to a Website and features on the Website to create a ~d call to action.

A site visitor completes a ~d action. Generally a download, signup, purchase, etc.

In some cases it is appropriate for packaging to present an extremely abstract, emotional or creative context, particularly when the product itself is difficult to represent as an object of beauty or ~.

Web Based E-mail: Web based e-mail is a software on a POP3 server that allows you the luxury, if ~d, to access your POP accounts by simply using a web-browser. It allows users to send and receive emails via any web-browser by viewing an HTML web page.

Thermal Dye Sublimation: Proof-making process where pigments are vaporized and float to ~d proofing stock.
Thermography: A finishing applied after printing that creates the raised effect of engraved printing.

Conversion Rate
The percentage of users who complete a ~d action (e.g., purchase or registration) compared to all users who were exposed to an online ad.

Frames are often used to aid navigation. Sometimes they're used because the designer or site owner thinks it's the only way to get the ~d look or functionality. In some cases, they may be correct, but not always.

Royalty-Free Photos and Images - photos and / or graphics that are sold for a single fee and can be used by the purchaser as much as ~d.
Script - type of program that processes requests in response to input from the browser.

premium inventory [pree-mee-uhm in-vuhn-tawr-ee]
(n.) advertising space made available by publishers and operators, which directly and accurately targets a ~d audience. Premium inventory is often sold as a CPM campaign as opposed to a CPC campaign.

Pesterpower: the harnessing of children's ability to annoy their parents into making a purchase or carry out a ~d action ...

The delivery of relevance-targeted text ads as part of the search experience. Intended to satisfy users need for relevant search results, and the advertiser's ~ for qualified traffic to their website.
Spot ...

AIDA model - A model that depicts the successive stages a buyer passes through in the personal selling process including: attention, interest, ~, and action.

Some basic techniques include focusing on benefits rather than features, using attention grabbing headlines, making effective use of testimonials, providing credible guarantees and addressing the copy to the ~s of the reader.

If you look at almost every media around you, from the front page of USA Today to the evening news to the sitcoms on TV, you'll see this is what the American public wants, ~s, and craves.

SEATS (Stock Exchange Automated Trading System) - The Australian Stock Exchange's computer trading system where brokers enter in all of their ~d transactions.

These include sponsoring a Web site or a particular feature on it; advertising in e-mail newsletters; co-branding with another company and its Web site; contest promotion; and, in general, finding new ways to engage and interact with the ~d audience.

Starting an online business has become very popular among many people of all backgrounds throughout the world. It doesn't matter if you are a high-school graduate, or you're completing your third trimester of your second year in Chiropractic School. Any person with the ~ to work from home can ...

Demographics: Specific populations broken down by commonly shared characterisitics such as age, sex, income, education, household size, home ownership status and more for the purpose of allowing marketers to study the trends of a ~d audience.

Definition: a pricing model based on delivering sales or something else that can be directly attributed to the bottom line. Contrast this with traditional banner advertising which is based on impressions, a chunk of which come from people you have no ~ or ability to do business with.

Cost-per-action or cost-per-acquisition; an online advertising pricing model by which advertisers pay for each conversion completed as a result of a click on their advertisements. Determined by dividing the investment by the conversions, with a conversion defined as the completion of the ~d ...

Whether the writing, images, video, or flash on a web page meets generally accepted standards of semantics, style, and grammer. 2. From an SEO perspective, whether or not the content on a web page follows best practices for getting high search engine rankings on the ~d keyword.

The day on which an option contract becomes void. The expiration date for listed stock options is the Saturday after the third Friday of the expiration month. Holders of options should indicate their ~ to exercise, if they wish to do so, by this date.

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