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Desire - Have you seen the commercials wherein you just have to get out of your house and get the product? Perhaps a car, an ice cream or a house. The same has to be done by the sales person in personal selling.

Desire Competitors - all companies and organisations offering a product that the consumer desires immediately. See Competitors.
Desk Jobber - see Drop Shipper.
Desk Research - see Secondary Research.

Desire: The thing advertisers try to induce in the audience.
Dial it up: increase in measurement of artwork size, colour, or elements within the artwork. EG Let's dial up the red in the background ...

The Desire for Useful Information
What's the big secret here? There is no secret. The success of the site taps into a rock-solid foundation of the web: the desire for useful information.

Desire and
Action in exactly that sequence.
This means that your sales copy first has to grab the reader's Attention, usually done by a impinging headline .

The desired action can take many forms, varying from site to site. Examples include sales of products, membership registrations, newsletter subscriptions, software downloads, or just about any activity beyond simple page browsing.

The desired action you want a visitor to take on your site. Includes purchase, subscription to the company newsletter, request for follow-up or more information (lead generation), download of a company free offer (research results, a video or a tool), ...

A want is a desire for a specific product or service to satisfy the underlying need.
Search tutor2u...

Demand is the desire for a product at the market price, whereas supply is the quantity available at that price at any given time. Demand and supply this term used by marketing consultants or economists.

objectives The desired or needed result to be achieved by a specific time. An objective is broader than a goal, and one objective can be broken down into a number of specific goals.

(1) D, Because it desires that company expenditures contribute to profits
(2) C, A percentage
(3) D, All of the above
(4) D, 19% ...

A link which does not lead to the desired location. Links may
Browser: Client used to view the world wide web. The most popular browsers are Microsoft's Internet Explorer,
Cache: Copy of a web page stored by a search engine.

MAND Money, Authority, Need and Desire -- the requisites of a qualified lead. Market Penetration The percentage of buyers you have as compared with the total households or businesses in the area you have selected as your market.

Collectibles A type of premium that consumers may desire to have as a part of a greater collection of similar goods. Color proof An early full-color print of a finished advertisement, used to evaluate the ad's final appearance.

AIDA model of communication: A communication model which aims to obtain Attention, Interest, Desire and Action.
Advertising objective: The objective of your communication strategy. To inform of a new development, persuade or remind.

Currently, the desire to avoid aiding the enemy may result in laws that make it more difficult for American firms to export goods to other countries.

All strategies, tactics and activities involved in getting the desired marketing messages to intended target markets, regardless of the media used.
A term for camera-ready paste-up of artwork.

Lisa knows that at the heart of all technological advancement lies a true desire for deeper and more effective communication.

A keyword phrase is generally two or more words that are used by advertisers in search engine optimization, or by visitors who are using search engines in a desire to find information based on that particular phrase.

The web allows us to match producers' desire for economies of scale, and consumers' desire for variety of choice to satisfy a set of needs.

A conversion is a desired client or customer action and is one measure of the success of a web site or advertising program. Successful conversions can be either online or offline.

Incentive Marketing A program designed to incent specific behavior to achieve desired results. Incentive programs are typically used to motivate employees, customers, sales reps, resellers, etc. Incentive More.

Conversion Rate - The number of visitors who convert (take a desired action at your site) after clicking through on your ad, divided by the total number of click-throughs to your site for that ad.

Quota Sample - A sample in which desired sample size or quotas are established for various universe subclasses (controls).

The Internet has created new challenges and opportunities for anyone who desires to deliver information to readers.

The number of visitors who convert (take a desired action at your site) after clicking through on your ad, divided by the total number of click-throughs to your site for that ad.

As quoted by the Associated Press, Overture spokesperson Jennifer Stephens attributed the casino ban to a "lack of clarity in the current environment" and a desire to conform with its parent company's policies.

CRO: Acronym that stands for Conversion Rate Optimization includes testing various aspects of a website to improve the rate at which website visitors perform some desired action prior to leaving a website.

PageRank is the most intense point of focus, speculation, observation, and desire in the Webmaster and optimization communities. More than any other single marketing factor, PageRank has the power to determine a site's visibility.

Conversion Rate: The number of visitors who completed the desired action. For example: signing up for news letter, buying your product, downloading a trial version of a software, etc.

Attention, Interest, Desire, Action. This is a traditional model of the purpose and flow of marketing communications and direct sales efforts:
1. Create attention;
2. Generate interest;
3. Develop desire;
4. Initiate action.

For Web sites, the conversion rate is the number of visitors who took the desired action divided by the total number of visitors in a given time period (typically, per month).

The process by which a website visitor completes a process that is desired by the website owner. In B2C (Business-to-Consumer) sites, a conversion is typically an online sale.

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