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Differentiated Marketing

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Differentiated Marketing
Differentiated marketing combines the best attributes of undifferentiated marketing and concentrated marketing. It appeals to two or more distinct market segments, with a different marketing plan for each.

Differentiated Marketing - the division of a heterogeneous market into relatively homogeneous segments so that the needs and wants of the different segments may be served more effectively; a segmented approach to marketing.

Differentiated Marketing Aiming at two or more distinct consumer groups, with different retailing approaches for each group.

differentiated marketing - A type of marketing strategy whereby a firm offers products or services to a number of market segments and develops separate marketing strategies for each.

Undifferentiated marketing
Undifferentiated marketing is the marketing of a product aimed at the widest possible market. For example, in the holiday market, the sale of short-haul summer-sun package holidays to the Mediterranean is an undifferentiated mass-market product.

~ strategy - Where the firm decides to target several segments and develops distinct products/services with separate marketing mix strategies aimed at the varying groups.

~ Strategy
A ~ strategy is an approach to target marketing where a company markets to multiple market segments using distinct market mixes for each one. This is one of three… Read More ...

Product-~ - a marketing philosophy in which the seller views the market as a homogeneous whole, but produces two or more products for it; the products, differing in attributes (price, style, quality, etc), ...

Mass Marketing Simultaneous standardized marketing to a very large target market through mass media. Other names for this are market aggregation and un~.

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