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Differentiated Marketing

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Differentiated Marketing
Differentiated marketing combines the best attributes of undifferentiated marketing and concentrated marketing. It appeals to two or more distinct market segments, with a different marketing plan for each.

Differentiated Marketing - the division of a heterogeneous market into relatively homogeneous segments so that the needs and wants of the different segments may be served more effectively; a segmented approach to marketing.

Differentiated Marketing Aiming at two or more distinct consumer groups, with different retailing approaches for each group.

differentiated marketing - A type of marketing strategy whereby a firm offers products or services to a number of market segments and develops separate marketing strategies for each.

Undifferentiated marketing
Undifferentiated marketing is the marketing of a product aimed at the widest possible market.

Differentiated marketing strategy - Where the firm decides to target several segments and develops distinct products/services with separate marketing mix strategies aimed at the varying groups.

Differentiated Marketing Strategy
A differentiated marketing strategy is an approach to target marketing where a company markets to multiple market segments using distinct market mixes for each one.

Product-Differentiated Marketing - a marketing philosophy in which the seller views the market as a homogeneous whole, but produces two or more products for it; the products, differing in attributes (price, style, quality, etc), ...

Mass Marketing Simultaneous standardized marketing to a very large target market through mass media. Other names for this are market aggregation and undifferentiated marketing.

as a homogeneous whole, and, therefore, has only one marketing program (the same product, the same price, the same promotion and the same distribution system) for everyone, also referred to as unsegmented marketing or undifferentiated marketing ...

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Marketing & Web  Differentiate  Differentiated Segmentation Strategy

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