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FMCG stands for Fast moving Consumer goods. Examples of FMCG products would include chocolate bars, toothpaste, newspapers, razors and similar items. In essence these are products that are regularly bought by consumers - hence fast moving.

FMCG (Fast Moving Consumer Goods): A term used in Europe; Consumer Packaged Goods (CPG) is the term used in the U.S. Both terms refer to packaged groceries, beverages, health and beauty products, household products, over-the-counter drugs, etc.

FMCG: Fast Moving Consumer Goods, i.e. grocery items.
FMPG: Fast moving packaged goods (chocolate, beer, etc). A free kick for any creative with a scrap of talent.
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FMCG Fast moving consumer goods. An expression used to describe frequently purchased consumer items, such as foods, cleaning products and toiletries.

The experience on the marketing of FMCG (Fast moving consuming goods) is very popular now.

One strategy adopted in ~'s is to give away small trial-sized packages of products such as shampoos or laundry detergents to encourage adoption. Yet, in adopting other products such as mobile phones, awareness, interest, and evaluation become more essential.

I think that ~ packaging is the very definition of Pop Art today - communicating with the buying public in an artful and occasionally artistic manner. It creates impact, meaning, immediacy, delight, and - above all - irresistibility.

Fast Moving Consumer Goods (~)
Frequently purchased consumer products, usually known as packaged goods in the USA, e.g. food brands, beverages, toiletries and tobacco.
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