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Insertion order

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Insertion Order
An advertiser's authorization (often through the advertiser's ad agency) for a publisher to run an ad in a specific issue at the agreed upon rate.
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Insertion Order: The contract between a media buyer and the media property selling the advertising.
Instills Trust: The ability of the communication to create trust and confidence in the mind of the recipient.
IO: Abbreviation for insertion order.

Insertion order : An insertion order is a formal, printed order to run an ad campaign.

Insertion Order: Offen referred to as an IO. Insertion Orders are contracts between an advertiser/agency and a publisher/ad network.

Insertion Order
Purchase order between a seller of interactive advertising and a buyer (usually an advertiser or its agency).

Written instructions from the advertiser or agency authorizing a publication to run a specific advertisement in a specific issue. Also specifies cost per ad and size of ad, as well as any request for special position in the publication.

~ - A online or printed document that specifies the details of an advertising campaign. The terms of the agreement may also be specified on the insertion order or they may be placed in a separate document but are almost always referred to the insertion order if not present.
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Additional ad impressions above the commitments outlined in the approved insertion order.
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