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Intensive distribution

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Intensive Distribution Takes place when suppliers sell through as many retailers as possible. This arrangement usually maximizes suppliers' sales; and it enables retailers to offer many brands and product versions.

aims to provide saturation coverage of the market by using all available outlets
Internal marketing ...

Intensive Distribution

making a product available in as many outlets as are willing to stock it.

1. : Used commonly to distribute low priced or impulse purchase products eg chocolates, soft drinks.

Intensive distribution Distributing a product through a wide variety of outlets. International advertising Advertising a product or service in a country other than where it originates.

Full service retailers tend dislike .
Low service channel members can "free ride" on full service sellers.

See Exclusive Distribution; Intensive Distribution; Selective Distribution.
Distribution Management - see Physical Distribution Management.
Distribution Strategy - see Place Strategy.

Managers try to achieve higher volume with low cost and strategy. This seems a viable strategy in a developing market where market expansion is the survival strategy for the business.

intermediaries so that: (a) the potential customer can access it as easily as possible; and (b) the product is properly displayed, sold and supported within the channel of distribution. Market coverage might involve intensive distribution, ...

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