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Intensive distribution

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Intensive Distribution Takes place when suppliers sell through as many retailers as possible. This arrangement usually maximizes suppliers' sales; and it enables retailers to offer many brands and product versions.
Internal Secondary Data Available within a company.

Intensive distribution
Intensive distribution aims to provide saturation coverage of the market by using all available outlets
Internal marketing ...

Intensive Distribution

making a product available in as many outlets as are willing to stock it.

1. Intensive distribution: Used commonly to distribute low priced or impulse purchase products eg chocolates, soft drinks.

Intensive distribution Distributing a product through a wide variety of outlets. International advertising Advertising a product or service in a country other than where it originates.

Full service retailers tend dislike ~.
Low service channel members can "free ride" on full service sellers.
Manufacturers may be tempted toward ~-appropriate only for some; may be profitable in the short run.

See Exclusive Distribution; ~; Selective Distribution.
Distribution Management - see Physical Distribution Management.
Distribution Strategy - see Place Strategy.

Managers try to achieve higher volume with low cost and ~ strategy. This seems a viable strategy in a developing market where market expansion is the survival strategy for the business. Companies interested to take the benefit of scale economies purse this kind of orientation.

that the product is made available through appropriate intermediaries so that: (a) the potential customer can access it as easily as possible; and (b) the product is properly displayed, sold and supported within the channel of distribution. Market coverage might involve ~, ...

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