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Learning Curve: [lea] The learning curve (also known as the experience curve) represents the outcome of a company's experience when developing a product. As the company becomes more experienced, it is able to develop a better product, and / or develop products more efficiently at reduced cost.

Learning Curve - a graphical representation of the way in which average unit cost of production decreases as output rises; also called an Experience Curve.

Joomla has a learning curve set at a much more technologically-oriented level. In other words, it's easy for developers and designers to install, but not for just anyone. It can be learned, but it would take weeks or even months for most people without web design, development, or related skills.

Can I afford delayed results based on a learning curve?
It’s a reality - professional SEO expertise has a steep learning curve.

Incorporating your professional experience allows you to capitalize on an existing skill set, and eliminates some, if not all, of the learning curve inherent in changing your professional milieu.

Traditional colleges and universities are adapting their products for on-line learning (threat of new entrants - ~ effects).
Government legislation in the US and Europe encourages on-line learning (threat of entry reduced - by legislation).

She has a strong aptitude for this business and can help others trim their ~ dramatically.
Trader Training Schools is pleased to be able to offer Tina's stock trading courses to you. You'll find they're full of insightful information that will make you a better trader.

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