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learning curve
a graphical representation of the way in which average unit cost of production decreases as output rises, also called an experience curve
learning management system ...

Learning Curve: Over time, there is a drop in the average per unit production cost.

Learning Curve: [lea] The learning curve (also known as the experience curve) represents the outcome of a company's experience when developing a product.

Joomla has a learning curve set at a much more technologically-oriented level. In other words, it's easy for developers and designers to install, but not for just anyone.

More often than not, we did not create the sites we work on so there is always some degree of a learning curve with every site we see.

There are some potential advantages of using GAE, including being quick and easy to set up, having an easy learning curve, and a high level of automation.

Incorporating your professional experience allows you to capitalize on an existing skill set, and eliminates some, if not all, of the learning curve inherent in changing your professional milieu.

personal contacts or knowledge that larger companies do not own or learning curve effects.
Will competitors retaliate?
Government action e.g. will new laws be introduced that will weaken our competitive position?
How important is differentiation?

There are so many high-tech systems and programs that allow for seamless trouble-free communication. However, as a novice, there are simple strategies you can use without starting an entirely new learning curve overnight.

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Marketing & Web  Learning  Learning Log

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