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B. Perception
Perception is the process by which people select, organize, and interpret information Perception has four major steps:
1. Exposure - When a stimulus (like a billboard) comes within range of your senses (vision) ...

subliminal perception
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marketing definitions
Definition: An advertising message presented below the threshold of consciousness. A visual or auditory message that is allegedly perceived psychologically, but not consciously ...

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Reputation Repair
Remember a time where all you had to do to maintain a good reputation was treat your customers well and keep promises about deliveries and timeframes?

Perception: the way in which individuals analyse and interpret incoming information and make sense of it.
Perishability: a characteristic of services, describing how service products cannot be stored because they are produced and offered at particular moments in time.

Perception. Our perception is an approximation of reality. Our brain attempts to make sense out of the stimuli to which we are exposed.

Perception of opportunities is not strictly a planning process. However, this awareness is very important for planning process be-cause it leads to formulation of plans by providing clue whether opportunities exist for taking up particular plans.

Perceptions of the features, tangible and intangible, that characterize a brand.
Information Architecture ...

Perception: consumers want to feel engaged
Interaction: consumers want to feel empowered and connected, and
Measureability: consumer interactions are frequently easier to measure than ever before ...


the way in which an individual interprets stimuli received by the senses.

Perceptions in Business Communication
Managing customers' perceptions of a product and an organization is an important aspect of business communication. Customers' perceptions of a product may be different to those of the organization that… Read More ...

perception Perception is the cognitive impression that is formed of "reality" which in turn influences the individual's actions and behavior toward that object.
personal income The current income received by persons from all sources less contributions for social insurance--e.g., Social Security (US).

A client's perception of value isn't based on how much they pay, but on whether their expectations will be met and the benefit they will receive. Don't get stuck on the dollars you charge per hour. Instead help prospects define the dollar benefit of your services.

Employee Perception Research: Survey research conducted to measure the employees' perceptions of customer satisfaction. Learn More
Employee Satisfaction Research: Survey research conducted to measure employee satisfaction with the job/company and related variables. Learn More ...

Subliminal Perception - the receipt and interpretation of stimuli received through the senses at a subconscious level.

The managed perception of the general public of a person, business, product, service or organization.
Image Marketing ...

Thematic apperception test (TAT). Projective technique presenting respondents with a series of pictures or cartoons in which consumers and products are the primary topic of attention.

Meaning that an individual creates by interpreting a stimulus.
Place Marketing
Marketing efforts to attract people and organizations to a particular geographic area.
Planning ...

Brand image is the perception of the brand in the mind of a prospective customer. People's beliefs, expectations and feelings about a brand.

exposure - The perception of an advertisement or a commercial by an individual.

Brand Repositioning Effort to change common perception of a brand.
Broadcasting Delivering content through radio or television to a "broad" audience" over the airwaves. See "Narrowcasting".

Persuasion process The process used by advertising to influence audience or prospect attitudes, especially purchase intent and product perception by appealing to reason or emotion.

Brand repositioning: An attempt to change consumer perceptions of a particular brand. For example VW has successfully repositioned the Skoda brand.
Data mining: Application of artificial intelligence to solve marketing problems and aiding forecasting and prediction of marketing data.

It is the aggregate perception the market has of a particular company, product, or service in relation to their perceptions of the competitors. Repositioning involves changing the identity of a product, relative to the identity of competing products, in the collective minds of the target market.

a different perception of products, brands, and related services. This will dictate the level of adjustment required to your line of products and how you will promote it to that audience. The importance of understanding diversity cannot be overemphasized.

Mapping the relative position of competing brands based on perceptual mapping of consumer perceptions of the brands.
Brand Personality
The collection of attributes giving a brand a recognisable unique quality. It may be the result of contrived marketing action or an accident of market perception.

Psychological Pricing Refers to consumer perceptions of retail prices.
Publicity Any nonpersonal form of public relations whereby messages are transmitted through mass media, the time or space provided by the media is not paid for, and there is no identified commercial sponsor.

The first large-scale volunteer directory, NewHoo, now the Open Directory Project, capitalized on the growing perception that existing directories were not keeping pace with the growth of the Web.

Setting the price of a product based on the wanted public perception for that product.
Contributed by: Cabe Kline
Ads designed and produced for the advertiser by the publication in which they will appear.
Contributed by: MarcommWise Staff ...

As we discussed in the Targeting Markets tutorial, a customer's perception of a product affects how they mentally position the product in relation to competitive products.

Bad Business - The Sad State of SEO Perception in the Mainstream Media
Jim Hedger
Search Industry Maturing ...

Positioning -- developing a specific marketing mix to influence potential customers' overall perceptions of a brand; to develop a specific image of the brand in the minds of consumers.

Qualitative research
A method of research that emphasizes the quality of meaning in consumer perceptions and attitudes; for example, in-depth one to one interviews and focus groups.

Reputation Management
Reputation Management is a relatively new public relations specialty that focuses on managing brand, product, or personal perceptions through an active, near real-time program of conscious engagement in social media outlets.

Type of research that gathers soft rather than hard statistical information. So for example what people think of a product or service. Qualitative research gathers in-depth perceptions and motivations to generate insight into a company's product or service.

More loosely, share of mind can be defined simply as positive perceptions of the brand obtained by market research. Whereas market share measures the width of a company's market position, share of mind can be said to measure its depth.

Prestige pricing refers to the practice of setting a high price for an product, throughout its entire life cycle - as opposed to the short term ‘opportunistic’, high price of priceskimming’. This is done in order to evoke perceptions of quality and prestige with the product ...

Toyota with the Lexus. Can be risky due to customer perception and inability of sales people to trade up and negotiate to the new level. Two-way stretch: Extending product lines upwards and downwards to address different segments of the market.

form of write-ups and articles to link your online business with other relevant websites, consequently generating focused traffic. Apart from generating focused traffic, content syndication also helps viewers recognize you as a quality information provider, hence, enhancing your brand perception.

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