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POP Display See Point-of-Purchase Display.
Positioning Enables a retailer to devise its strategy in a way that projects an image relative to its retail category and its competitors, and elicits consumer responses to that image.

POP: Point of Purchase. This is the actual place where customers shell out their cash, such as at a store, from a catalog, or from a salesperson. Also known as POS (Point of Sale).
Premium: A free goodie sent to prospects to entice them to lay out their money on your product or service.

POP/POP3 - (Post Office Protocol) - A mail protocol that leaves the user?s email on the server until he or she connects to the server and downloads it to the local machine. POP describes the method in which the email client communicates with the email server.

POP - abbrev. Point of Purchase.

Population - in marketing research, the total group that a researcher wishes to study; also called the Universe.

Point of Presence. POP is a service provider's location for connecting to users. Usually, POPs refer to the location where people can dial into the provider's host computer. Most providers have numerous POP's to permit low-cost access via telephone lines.
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Point-of-Purchase (~) displays Advertising display material located at the retail store, usually placed in an area where payment is made, such as a check-out counter.

From the point of view of the marketer, this introduces some problems since the purchaser can be targeted by point-of-purchase (~) marketing efforts that cannot be aimed at the decision maker. Also note that the distinction between the purchaser and decision maker may be somewhat blurred: ...

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