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Possession Utility

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Possession utility: once you have purchased the product, you have rights to use the product as intended, or (in theory) for any use you would like.
A fifth type of utility is often defined along with the above four types: ...

Possession Utility

the value given to a product by virtue of the fact that the purchaser has the legal right to own and ... more ...

Economic Utility - the ability of a good or service to satisfy a customer's needs or wants; the five kinds of economic utility are form utility, time utility, place utility, information utility and possession utility.

network or commercialization schedule that sell directly to the end user. In the U.S., that's where sales tax is collected. If a producer sells direct to consumers, it is a retailer (it charges and collects sales tax.) It's where possession utility ...

Possession utility involves the idea that the consumer can go to one store and obtain a large assortment of goods from different manufacturers during one shopping occasion.

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