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Product Attributes

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Product Attributes: Words or phrases that express the impressions of or characteristics of a product or service, such as durability, reliability or good taste.

Product Attributes

distinctive tangible and intangible features of a product that give it its value to a user.

Tangible Product Attributes - elements of a product which have physical dimensions or are discernible by the senses. See Intangible Product Attributes.

An appropriate set of product attributes should be chosen. The term ‘attributes' includes not only product characteristics and consumer benefits but also product associations such as product use or product users.

Some customer segments value certain product attributes more than others.

Research helps validate initial development concepts, and provides a framework for developing product attributes that meet real customer needs.

Jack Aaronson, Top 3 Ways to Use Product Attributes, ClickZ, 17 Feb 2011. Explains how product attributes or metadata can assist you in site personalization, browsing, and gift-giving.

1. Individual product decisions are focused around the development and marketing of: o Product attributes o Branding o Packaging o Labelling o Product support services.

Dissimilar to regular search results, the more specific, unique product attributes and characteristics that are included with the listed item, the better your item ranking in results.

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Marketing & Web  Product advertising  Product Category

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