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the specific generic to which a good or service belongs; for example, while Fanta is a brand name, t ... more ...

Not every product category is as simple to buy as a shirt, he says. Eisenberg provides examples from LandsEnd.com sales of women's bathing suits, where purchasing involves much more than size and color.

It is used when an organization considers adding a product to its portfolio and its associated brand name. The two variables for this matrix are Product Category (Existing or New) and Band Category (Existing or New).

Category development index (CDI) A comparison of the percent of sales of a product category in a market, to the percent of population in that market.

-Secondary competitors, those belonging to other product category.
In the above example other cola drinks are primary competitors and other drinks and beverages are secondary competitors.

Scanner data analysis is most useful for frequently purchased items (e.g., drinks, food items, snacks, and toilet paper) since a series of purchases in the same product category yield more information with greater precision than would a record of ...

A CDI study analysis a product category's performance(sales) in a given number relative to the share of the total population living in that market.

It tracks "share of spending" and "share of voice" (the proportion of all television advertising within a product category attributable to a brand or advertiser, as expressed in rating points) by company, brand and by product category.

The development of new products, possibly in a different, but usually related product category under an existing brand name.

When two or more brands in a product category are functionally alike, an intangible characteristic like exclusivity can set one apart from the others.

Category Usage: A question used to record if a potential respondent uses a particular product category, or not. Many studies are limited to users of a particular product category.

Definition: The percentage of a product category's sales, in terms of dollars or units, obtained by a brand, line, or company.
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A rule-of-thumb that, for the typical product category, eighty percent of the products sold will be consumed by twenty percent of the customers.
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Some affiliate programs demand exclusivity within their product category, but they are exceptions, as few affiliate programs are in a position to make extra demands.
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Big companies such as Amazon, Overstock, Best Buy, and WalMart are dominating the Google SERP's (search engine results pages) in just about every major product category you can search for. (Mostly home appliances).

category development index (CDI) - An index that is calculated by taking the percentage of a product category's total sales that occur in a given market areas as compared to the percentage of the total population in the market.

Direct Competition - a product or brand which competes in the same product category.
Direct Competitive Advertising - advertising intended to stimulate immediate purchase of a particular brand.

Category Killer Store An especially large specialty store featuring an enormous selection in its product category and relatively low prices. It draws consumers from wide geographic areas.

Unaided recall. Respondents are asked if they remember seeing a commercial for a product in the product category of interest.
Unbalanced scale. Scale using an unequal number of favourable and unfavourable scale categories.

As an "authority," the company and its brand are the first and last word when it comes to product-specific differentiation -- known to be better than or different from anyone else when it comes to a certain product category.

A brand's percent of the total advertising weight in its product category.
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Share of Voice (SOV) a brand's percent of the total advertising weight in its product category.

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