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Product line
A company's product or group of products with similar characteristics. Product lines may contain a subdivision of further product lines.
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Product Line Pricing.
Where there is a range of products or services the pricing reflects the benefits of parts of the range. For example car washes; a basic wash could be $2, a wash and wax $4 and the whole package for $6.

Product lines: a group of products, closely related by production or marketing considerations, that exists within the overall product mix.

Product Line: [pro] Product line is a collection of products, offered by a firm, that satisfy similar needs for different target audiences. Thus all products within a product line are related, but may vary in terms of size, color, quality etc.

Product Line Pricing: Pricing different products within the same product range at different price points. An example would be a video manufacturer offering different video recorders with different features at different prices.

~ Extension Strategy
A ~ is a group of products that have similar functions. Offering multiple products to your customers is a strong marketing strategy that provides customer choice and allows you… Read More
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~ Pricing - Companies normally develop ~s rather than sin-gle products and introduce price steps. In many lines of trade, sellers use well-established price points for the products in their line. A men's clothing store might carry men's suits at three price levels: Rs800, Rs.

~ Brand Name

a brand name applied to several products within a ~.

~ stretching Downward stretch: Company initially located at the top end of the market and then 'stretches' downwards to pre-empt a competitor or respond to an attack. Launch of C-Class by Mercedes-Benz.

~ - a group of products manufactured or distributed by an organization, similar in the way they produced or marketed; for example, a line of toiletries and a line of pens.

~ Brand Name - a brand name applied to several products within a ~.

A firm's ~ or lines refers to the assortment of similar things that the firm holds. Brother, for example, has both a line of laser printers and one of typewriters. In contrast, the firm's product mix describes the combination of different ~s that the firm holds.

Depth of ~ - see ~ Length.
Depth Selling - see Problem-Solving Approach.
Deregulation - the complete or partial removal of government control and restrictions relating to a specific business activity or industry.

The set of all ~s and items that a particular business offers for sale to buyers
Product quality
The ability of a product to perform its functions (“fit for purpose'). Quality is a function of several factors including reliability and ease of use ...

Developing a strong ~ and implementing a marketing plan based on Internet Marketing is essential; but just marketing is not enough. The single greatest factor for determining the overall success of an online business is the conversion rate.

This plan is aimed at individual products and ~s, however, it can be adapted fairly easily for use in planning one or more strategic business units (SBU). The page length suggested for each section represents a single-spaced typed format for a plan focused on a single product.

A set of ideas that outline how a ~ or brand will achieve its objectives. This guides decisions on how to create, distribute, promote and price the product or service.
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String An unplanned shopping area comprising a group of retail stores, often with similar or compatible ~s, located along a street or highway.
Supercenter A special type of combination store that blends an economy supermarket with a discount department store.

Brand name
Name used to distinguish one product from its competitors. It can apply to a
single product, an entire ~, or even a company.

marketing plan - A written document that describes the overall marketing strategy and programs developed for an organization, a particular ~, or a brand.
marketing public relations function (MPR) - Public relations activities designed to support marketing objectives and programs.

Vital Processing Services:
Formerly known as Total Systems. A joint venture of VISA USA and Total Systems Services, Inc. that combines the TSYS merchant accounting system with the Visanet terminal ~.
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A product mix is also one of the 4 Ps or the marketing strategy. It includes the product idea (features, accessories, installation, warranty, and ~s), packaging, and labeling.

Originally, the TURF technique was developed to optimize media planning and scheduling, but TURF has also proved to be useful in selecting an optimal ~. In fact, TURF can be applied to the solution of many problems with overlapping choices.

The result: a new range of speakers that look more like furniture, offering the same sound quality and the added benefit that women don't hide them behind plants in the living room. And for Cambridge SoundWorks? The best-selling ~ in the company's history.

These are often very cost effective and More. Buyout Buyout is defined as the purchase of a company or a controlling interest of a corporation's shares or ~ or some business. A leveraged buyout is accomplished with borrowed More.

It can apply to a single product, an entire ~, or even a company. Bridge Transition from one scene to another, in a commercial or program. Broadsheet Standard size newspaper.

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