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Efficient organization of time and through planning of work are earmarks of above-average salespersons. They look for ways to 'stretch' productive selling time. They arrange travel and call schedules to economize on time spent enroute and distance travelled.

the first step in the selling process; the activity of seeking out potential customers.
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Prospecting " Process of finding potential customers by advertising specifically to groups of non-customers.
Psychographics " Descriptive information about groups of people, such as lifestyle, attitudes, and values.

Prospecting: in personal selling, finding new potential customers who have the ability, authority and willingness to purchase.
Psychographics: (also known as lifestyle segmentation) defining consumers in terms of their attitudes, interests and opinions.

Group Prospecting - finding new customers by displaying and demonstrating merchandise at functions, clubs, home parties, etc..
Group Selling - a selling situation in which a salesperson presents a product or product range to a group of buyers from one company or to a buying committee.

~ is all about finding prospects, or potential new customers. Prospects should be ‘qualified,' which means that they need to be assessed to see if there is business potential, otherwise you could be wasting your time. In order to qualify your prospects, one needs to: ...

~ Methods for Insurance
~ is the key to success for an insurance agent. Effective ~ ensures that the agent has a steady flow of people that he can contact about their insurance needs.… Read More
Product Royalty Agreement ...

finding new potential customers who have the ability, authority and willingness to purchase.
Public Relations (PR) ...

~: The process of locating potential customers through outside lists.
Prospect List: A list of qualified prospects a company believes is likely to order from them.

~ Mailing or telemarketing to prospects who are not yet your customers. Psychographics A way of grouping people by wealth, orientation, hobbies and interests. Pull The percent response to your offer by mail or phone.

Host a ~ seminar? Usually a lot! What does it cost to build your business from referrals? Virtually nothing! A referral-based business model is always the most profitable.
I look to leverage the full life-time value of my clients.

At this point it is important to discuss the level of involvement of each party from the ~ phase to the closing phase of the deal.
Who will prospect new leads? Is the company delegating it entirely to the sales partners? Or vice versa? Or a combination?

Directories - classified lists of names and adresses of individuals and organisations used in selling for ~ for new accounts and in marketing research as sources of secondary data.

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