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Sales Representative

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sales representative (or sales rep): A member of the publisher's sales force or an independent contractor who, armed with a book catalog and order forms, visits bookstores in a certain territory to sell books to retailers.

Sales Representative

a salesperson; an individual employed to sell goods on behalf of a producer or some other member of ... more ...

Sales Representative Strategy
While working as a sales representative, you may have only one strategy: to close the deal and collect the commission. However, there is much to accomplish before you reach your… Read More
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Technical Sales Representative - a salesperson hired primarily for his or her technical or scientific expertise.

Order maker: a sales representatives with responsibility for: (a) finding new customers and making sales to them; and (b) actively increasing the volume or variety of sales to existing customers.

Manufacturer's Rep An independent sales representative who (as a part of a manufacturer's rep agency, or as an individual) sells a variety of products on behalf of a supplier (the manufacturer) to end More. Marcom Marketing-Communications.

Make sure that your sales representatives are well trained and that your company is run in an ethical manner. The face of your company is that of your sales personnel.

self-serve advertising - advertising that can be purchased without the assistance of a sales representative.
sponsorship - advertising that seeks to establish a deeper association and integration between an advertiser and a publisher, often involving coordinated beyond-the-banner placements.

A Brick Marketing pharmaceutical SEO campaign will generate more qualified leads for sales representatives.
Healthcare Companies
A Brick Marketing healthcare SEO campaign will improve a search engine presence and result in new patients and fundraising opportunities over time.

Money a manufacturer gives to another member of the distribution channel (wholesaler, distributor, sales representative, affiliate, value added reseller, retailer, etc.) for the purpose of advertising the manufacturer's product, service or brand.
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an aggregator or broker of advertising inventory for many websites. Advertising networks are the sales representatives for the Web sites within the inventory.
A marketing partner that promotes your product or services under a pay-for-results agreement.

Independent Contractor/Independent Sales Organization (IC/ISO):
This is an acronym for a registered sales representative, people that have been contracted by a company to sell its merchant processing services throughout the nation.

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