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Unsought Goods

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Unsought goods: goods that consumers did not even know they needed until either (a) an emergency arose that needed an immediate purchasing decision to help resolve it; or (b) an aggressive sales representative pressurised them into a purchase.
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Unsought Goods

a category of goods and services which the buyer (a) is unaware of, or (b) would prefer not to think ... more ...

This approach is applicable in the cases of unsought goods like life insurance, vacuum cleaner, fire fighting equipments including fire extinguishers. These industries are seen having a strong network of sales force.

Consumer Product Classes - categories of goods and services bought by consumers for their personal use; classes include convenience goods, shopping goods, specialty goods, unsought goods, and services.

1) Durability and Tangibility a) Non-durable goods b) Durable goods c) Services 2) Consumer goods Classification: Classified according to shopping habits a) Convenience goods b) Shopping goods c) Specialty goods d) Unsought goods ...

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Marketing & Web  Unsought Good  UPC

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