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Diurnal cycle

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Diurnal Cycles
Variations in meteorological parameters such as temperature and relative humidity over the course of a day which result from the rotation of the Earth about its axis and the resultant change in incoming and outgoing radiation.
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Initially the amount of convection near the centre is dependent upon the normal diurnal cycle of tropical convection, increasing overnight and subsiding during the day. As development occurs the convection persists throughout the day.

diurnal - Daily, especially pertaining to actions that are completed within 24 hours and that recur every 24 hours; thus, most reference is made to diurnal cycles, variations, ranges, maxima, etc.

The location of the intertropical convergence zone varies over time, as it moves back and forth across the equator in a semiannual pattern, following the sun's zenith point. There is also a diurnal cycle, with cumulus developing around midday and building to thunderstorms in mid to late afternoon.

Duration of the period from sunrise to sunset.
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Circadian Rhythm The cyclical changes in physiological processes and functions that are related to the 24-hour ~.

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