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Downwelling is the process of accumulation and sinking of higher density material beneath lower density material, such as cold or saline water beneath warmer or fresher water or cold air beneath warm air. It is the sinking limb of a convection cell.

Downwelling Radiation
The component of radiation directed toward the earth's surface from the sun or the atmosphere, opposite of upwelling radiation.
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Upwelling and downwelling take place along all three Canadian coasts, the Atlantic, the Pacific and the Arctic. Coastal upwelling occurs because the wind creates a net transport of the water that is to the right of the wind direction.

downwelling The process of accumulation and sinking of warm surface waters along a coastline. A change of air flow of the atmosphere can result in the sinking or downwelling of warm surface water.

downwelling longwave irradianceThe total diffuse and direct radiant energy, at wavelengths longer than approximately 4 µm, that is being emitted downwards.

This slope requires some kind of protection (e.g.; grass) from the erosive effects of rain and surface flowDownwashA deflection of air downward relative to an object that causes the deflection.Downwelling RadiationThe component of radiation ...

It consists of both upwelling and downwelling components. Compare with terrestrial radiation.ATMPOn a buoy report, the air temperature (Celsius).

Effective Terrestrial RadiationThe difference between upwelling infrared or terrestrial radiation emitted from the earth and the downwelling infrared radiation from the atmosphere Effective TopographyThe topography as seen by an approaching ...

Radiational cooling occurs, as is typical on calm, clear nights, whenever the longwave emission from the surface is not balanced by significant amounts of absorbed shortwave radiation or downwelling longwave from the atmosphere above the surface, ...

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Meteorology  Downstream  Drag coefficient

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