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Freezing nuclei

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Freezing Nuclei - Solid pardcles that have a crystal form resembling that of ice; they serve as cores for the formation of ice crystals.
Freezing Rain - See Glaze.

Freezing Nuclei- Particles suspended in the air around which ice crystals form.

Freezing Rain- Rain that freezes on objects such as trees, cars and roads, forming a coating or glaze of ice.

Above the freezing level in the cloud, some of the droplets will freeze if disturbed by contact with suitable freezing nuclei or with an aircraft. Freezing nuclei are mainly natural clay mineral particles, bacteria and volcanic dust, perhaps 0.

Ice-forming nuclei - Tiny particles that promote the formation of ice crystals at temperatures well below freezing; include freezing nuclei and deposition nuclei.

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Meteorology  Freezing level  Freezing point

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