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Hurricane Warning

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Hurricane warning: A warning that sustained winds 64 kt (74 mph or 119 kph) or higher associated with a hurricane are expected in a specified coastal area in 24 hours or less.

Hurricane Warning
An alert added to an advisory when hurricane conditions are expected within 24 hours. Hurricane warnings identify coastal areas where winds of at least 74 mph are expected.

Hurricane Warning
A formal advisory issued by forecasters at the National Hurricane Center when they have determined that hurricane conditions are expected in a coastal area or group of islands within a 24 hour period.

Hurricane Warnings
There are also specific warnings that can be issued when hurricanes or tropical storms threaten Canadian territory.

Hurricane Warning- Warning issued when sustained winds of 74 mph (64 knots) or more are expected within 24 hours. This implies a dangerous storm surge.

~An announcement that hurricane conditions (sustained winds of 74 mph or higher) are expected somewhere within the specified coastal area.

Inland ~Issued for interior counties that sustained winds of 74 mph or greater associated with a hurricane are expected within 24 hours.

Hurricane season in the North Atlantic runs officially from June 1 to November 30 when almost 95 per cent of all tropical cyclones occur. About 85 per cent of land falling tropical cyclones in Canada occur from August through October.
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1873 - United States Army Signal Corp, forerunner of the National Weather Service, issues its first ~. [7]
1890 - Weather Bureau is created as a civilian operation under the U.S. Department of Agriculture.

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A number of the information products are also available on the Internet, including severe weather warnings, ~s, flood warnings, air pollution statements, specialized forecasts, seismic activity, iceberg reports, and various advisories. Many can be found at the the following web site.

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