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Isothermal Layer Any layer where the temperature is constant with altitude, such that the temperature lapse rate is zero. Specifically, the approximately isothermal region of the atmosphere immediately above the tropopause.

—Of equal or constant temperature, with respect to either space or time; more commonly, temperature with height; a zero lapse rate.
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Isothermal Of or indicating equality of temperature.
Isotherms Lines connecting points of equal temperature on a weather map.
Isthmus Narrow strip of land located between two bodies of water, connecting two larger land areas.

POSITIVE VORTICITY ADVECTION (PIVA)- Advection of higher values of vorticity by the thermal wind on a map of vorticity and thickness contours. Implies an area of rising motion.

Chronoanemoisothermal diagram That's a mouthful, pronounced chrono-anemo-iso-thermal diagram.

isothermA line of equal or constant temperature, an isopleth of temperature.The temperature remaining constant with height or time.isotropicA line of constant equal physical properties along all axes.

Isothermal layer Atmospheric layer throughout which there is no change of temperature with height, i.e. a zero lapse rate. Isotropic radiation Diffuse solar radiation which has the same intensity in all directions.

or small lapse rate of temperature(positive or negative). Because of the temperature structure, very little overturning of air takes place, either within the stratosphere, ...

Temperature in the lower stratosphere is isothermal and averages around -60C, but increases markedly in the upper part, to reach a maximum of about 0C at the stratopause. Temperature increases with ozone concentration.

no dissipation, atmosphere) do not correspond to conditions in the actual atmosphere. As a result, a numerical solution which takes these factors into account is often calculated using general circulation models and climate models.

However, a shallow isothermal or relatively stable layer is more usual indication of a well-defined front. Frequently, the frontal boundary is so weak or distorted by other discontinuities that frontal identification is difficult.

In the case of laminar flow, which occurs for a very stable atmosphere ( or inversion), p = 1, and the wind velocity increases linearly with height.

The line of equal or constant air temperature. If something is isothermal, it is of equal or constant temperature with respect to either time or space.
A region of accelerated wind speed along the axis of a jet stream.

For example, if the volume if halved, then the pressure is doubled. If the temperature is held constant, it becomes an process. Discovered by Robert Boyle (1627-1691), an Irish physicist and chemist and co-founder of the Royal Society.

If the temperature is held constant, it becomes an isothermal process. Discovered by Robert Boyle (1627-1691), an Irish physicist and chemist and co-founder of the Royal Society.

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