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Theta-e (or Equivalent Potential Temperature) - The temperature a parcel of air would have if a) it was lifted until it became saturated, b) all water vapor was condensed out, and c) it was returned adiabatically (i.e., without transfer of heat or mass) to a pressure of 1000 millibars.

THETA-E ADVECTION- Movement of higher temperature, higher moisture or a combination of higher moisture and temperature toward forecast area. Generally referenced to low level temperature/moisture advection. An increase of Theta-E in low levels of atmosphere increases atmospheric instability.

Theta-e Ridge- An axis of relatively high values of theta-e. Severe weather and excessive rainfall often occur near or just upstream from a theta-e ridge.
Thunder- The sound caused by a lightning stroke as it heats the air and causes it to rapidly expand.

THETA-E - A experimental rule for the amount of energy, considering CAPE and moisture, for initiating and / or sustaining convection. There are also other names given to similar experimental THETA calculations.

It is usually located over a 850 to 700 mb theta-e ridge axis. As a result, it is a favored location for the development of a Mesoscale Convective Complex. Researchers have found it to be a favored region for very heavy rain.

EQUIVALENT POTENTIAL TEMPERATURE- The temperature of a parcel of air after all moisture and latent heat is condensed out of an air parcel then descended to the 1000 mb level. Also known as ~
ETA- "Eta" (from Greek) model generated every 12 hours by NCEP ...

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