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Theta-e (or Equivalent Potential Temperature) - The temperature a parcel of air would have if a) it was lifted until it became saturated, b) all water vapor was condensed out, and c) it was returned adiabatically (i.e.

THETA-E ADVECTION- Movement of higher temperature, higher moisture or a combination of higher moisture and temperature toward forecast area. Generally referenced to low level temperature/moisture advection.

Theta-e Ridge- An axis of relatively high values of theta-e. Severe weather and excessive rainfall often occur near or just upstream from a theta-e ridge.

THETA-E - A experimental rule for the amount of energy, considering CAPE and moisture, for initiating and / or sustaining convection. There are also other names given to similar experimental THETA calculations.

It is usually located over a 850 to 700 mb theta-e ridge axis. As a result, it is a favored location for the development of a Mesoscale Convective Complex. Researchers have found it to be a favored region for very heavy rain.

EQUIVALENT POTENTIAL TEMPERATURE- The temperature of a parcel of air after all moisture and latent heat is condensed out of an air parcel then descended to the 1000 mb level. Also known as Theta-E ...

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Meteorology  Thermosphere  Theta-e Ridge

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