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Angle Cocks
At the ends of each vehicle, "angle cocks" are provided to allow the ends of the brake pipe hoses to be sealed when the vehicle is uncoupled. The cocks prevent the air being lost from the brake pipe.

A valve located at each end of locomotives and cars used to open or close the brake pipe. The handle is hinged so as to lock in either the open or closed position. When the handle is in-line with the brake pipe, the is open.

Angle Cock
A two position valve located at both ends of the brake pipe on locomotives, passenger and freight cars. When open, it allows the passage of air.
Approach Signal ...

Valve located at the ends of locomotives and cars. In the open position, allows brake-pipe air to flow from car to car; when closed (as on the end of a train), keeps air in system.
Anti-climber ...

Angle Cock
A device used for the purpose of opening or closing brake pipe on ends of cars, rear ends of tenders, and front ends of switch engines so equipped. Provision is made for supporting hose at proper angle.
Anti-climber ...

RT A pneumatic isolating cock used on railway vehicles to shut off and/or drain air pipes (hoses) between vehicles.

PULL THE AIR"Set brakes by opening conductor's valve or angle cock
PULL THE CALF'S TAIL"Yank the whistle cord
PULL THE PIN"Uncouple a car by pulling up the coupling pin. A boomer expression meaning to resign or quit a job ...

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Model railroad  Ampere  Application

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