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Consist: the list and/or order in which multiple engines or train cars are lined up.

Consist: Cars which make up a train; also a list of those cars. Locomotive consist is a group of engines put together to pull a train.

Operating and controlling several locomotives as if they were a single entity. There are three types of consisting: (1) Basic consisting is where all locomotive decoders in the lash-up have the same address.

A group of railway cars and engines that make up a train.
Crossing: ...

CONSIST"Contents or equipment of a train. Report form sent ahead so yardmaster can make plans for switching the train. The report is usually dropped off to an operator; this is dropping the consist ...

- CONSISTING: See Double Heading
- CV: Configuration Variable. Components within a decoder which store the characteristics of that device. Each component has it's own reference number, and these can be individually programmed.

Advance Consist
A listing of all rail cars on a train, in train order, that is transmitted from station to station in advance of the train's arrival.
Advance Notice ...

Consist List of cars that make up a train.
Craze When glues ruin the surface of uncompatible plastic.
Crossover Two parallel turnouts that allow a train to move from one track to the other.

Consists of all of the operations from the time the brake pipe reduction is started until the brake is released.
Approach Signal
A signal that governs the approach to another signal.

Consist (pronounced CON-sist)
The make-up of a train; a list containing specific information for each car of a train; also a group of locomotives.
Consolidation ...

The full set of cars which make up a train, usually used in reference to a freight train.
Contactor ...

The make-up of a freight train by types of cars and their contents.
Constructive Placement ...

Traffic consisted of timber to the sawmill and coal from numerous mines hauled back to Stearns to be interchanged with the Southern. The K&T also ran a modest Passenger service between Bell Farm and Stearns.

A train consisting of vehicles which are not fitted with continuous brakes. Special care is needed in working such trains as the only brakes available are those of the locomotive and brake van (controlled independently by the guard).
Up Line ...

Our crew consisted of Ritchie, myself and the "two Joes" (Joe H., and Joe L.). When I introduced this story, I mentioned that Ritchie never shied away from a task, no matter how rotten. This was one of those rotten times.

The town consists of the two parts Großen-Linden and Leihgestern.
It is the home of the computer hardware seller Alternate (company).
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Level 5b consists of 4″ x 8″ framing that will hold the rock crusher and the "grizzley" which is a grate below the ore car track.

The track consists of the rails joined by metal crosspieces. These cross pieces are called "ties." You will notice that the center rail is insulated from the crosspiece by a sliver of cardboard or fiber. Rail is joined by pins.

This bundle consists of frame/walkway module, and a fuel tank module.
Fuel Tank
* I assembled the fuel tank first. I used Barge cement along the ribs of the fuel tank to attach the weight.

Consistent Scale - It may be tempting to purchase structures and accessories on sale that are not in your particular model railroad scale.

Beginner Page Consist
Why Model Railroad?
An overview of some of the benefits to model railroading. (revised 01/23/01)
The Basics ...

Consist (US), formation (UK): A noun to describe the group of rail vehicles making up a train, or more commonly a group of locomotives connected together for Multiple-Unit (MU) operation.[9] ...

Our current setup consists of 12 member-owned straight units and four Club-owned corner pieces. We also built two "bridge" units that are four feet long and only 1 foot deep.

Each car in a consist has it's own ECU, which communicates with the other ECUs in the consist. Effective Securing Device A device applied to secure a manually operated switch or derail for the protection of Roadway Workers.

A consistency halfway between water and pudding is good. Choose the width of your material by what is most convenient for you. The rougher the terrain, the more difficult it will be to get large pieces to conform to it.

A device consisting of two tapered rails with necessary connections, designed to divert rolling stock from one track to another.

It usually consists of granite, whinstone or furnace slag. Ash is sometimes used in yards but not where any sort of speed is required as the dust gets into the rolling stock equipment.

A train consisting entirely of coaches, the outer of which have a cab enabling the train to be independently driven in both directions. An EMU is powered from an outside power source such as the overhead catenary or a third running rail.

A railroad wheel typically consists of two main parts: the wheel itself, and the tire around the outside. A rail tire is itself steel, and is typically heated and pressed onto the wheel, where it remains firmly as it shrinks and cools.

Generally a non-load carrying flat car or gondola car that is used in train consist for: (1) Providing space for load end overhang that extends beyond striker of load car.

Understanding that the publishing industry is on the ropes at the moment and that MR is a for-profit venture, MR has consistently displayed a commercial face with regards to how it treats its advertisers and the lack of citations within its pages of ...

Double stacks, auto racks, coal, and general merchandise consists traverse the line at the rate of about one per hour. Most have three or more road diesels at the head end, testimony to the tough grades in both directions.

has a proud and consistent track record of new, innovative maintenance management products with industry-proven results.

Multiple Unit Locomotive Consists
When pulling longer trains, particularly in N scale, it is common practice to use the prototypical practice of pulling the train with multiple locomotives.

A bridge structure consisting of beam, girder or truss spans supported upon bents. The bents may be of the piled or of the frame type. When of framed timbers, metal or reinforced concrete they may involve two or more tiers in their construction.

It may consist of a single turnout for single track or may consist of several turnouts and diamond crossings for double (or multiple) tracks.

Ensure that the paint you are about to use is mixed to a thorough consistency. Start by striking the closed container of paint sharply and repeatedly against the palm of your hand.

HO Scale model of Conrail diesel locomotives pulling a consist of loaded well cars. Video taken at the Short Line Model Railroad Club in Ephrata, PA.
Custom Model Railroad HO Scale 12'x18' Silver SeriesJack Moelmann's Model Railroad (narrated) ...

The shows consists of independent dealers that just go to these shows and have no other retail locations, therefore they can offer items at substantial discounts.

I say this because Minex used existing H0 mechanisms, track and transformers, so the only manufacturing consisted of designing and building two new locomotive shells (which fit onto H0 mechanisms), ...

A group of passenger coaches coupled together to form a train. In other words, the coaches of a passenger train minus the engine. Analogous to a "consist" in North America, though I think consists can be freight (goods) trains as well as passenger.

Board and Batten Siding - Structural siding that consists of wide, butt jointed, vertical wood planking, with joints that have been covered by wooden strips (battens).


Some interesting research will give you the precise consistency of your favorite limited. However, three units of power plus ten or twelve eighty foot cars is one long train.

It's a very functional structure, and is easily put together. It is a platform consisting of girders, cross braces and joists, all working together to do the job.

The MRD2 combines two infrared train detectors into one circuit module. Each detector consists of an infrared LED light source and a phototransistor light receiver.

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