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Dual Gauge

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Dual Gauge
A mixed-gauge railway line designed for two different track-gauges.
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Dual gauge allows trains of different gauges to share the same track. This can save considerable expense compared to using separate tracks for each gauge, but introduces complexities in track maintenance and signalling, as well as requiring speed restrictions for some trains.

Dual Gauge
A mixed track gauge, often seen at interchange points between standard gauge and narrow gauge railroads.
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With dual gauge track and the mantra of SMALLER engines, cars, trains and Radius, you can add a lot of operating fun in your limited space if you THINK SMALL. Why not sample narrow gauge? Mixed gauge trackwork is fun. Are you interested? Let's talk.
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This 30'x15' dual gauge S/Sn3 railroad is designed for operational fun. The "U" shape has a narrower "leg" against a wall with the other 10'x8' "leg" accessible from both sides. All track is hand laid on spline roadbed cut from popular and notched Homosote.
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Dual Gauge - Track able to accommodate trains of two different wheel gauges. Usually achieved by the laying of a third length of rail, one being common to both gauges. Very common in Europe, and in model railroading in the U.S. such as HO and HON3.

Shaneville is all Code 70 dual gauge with some bits of HON3 wandering off to Port Feron and elsewhere
Utopia is a mixture of Code 100, 83, 70 and 55
Utopia East, the free-mo section, is all Code 83 handlaid with FastTrack turnouts, as is the extension being built at Underhill North ...

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Model railroad  Dual Control Switch  Duckunder

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