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Gypsum is a very soft mineral composed of calcium sulfate dihydrate, with the chemical formula CaSO4-2H2O.
Crystal varieties
Gypsum from New South Wales, Australia ...

Gypsum parts look like new concrete, plastic parts are unpainted
Gray plastic
Weathering abilities: ...

Ground Through - A mechanical device (usually done manually) which will change the position of a turnout, and simultaneously change the position of the signal mounted on top of the ground through.
Gypsum - Calcium sulfate used to make molding plaster, Hydrocal, and Plaster of paris.

Gypsum (USG Corp.), Hydrocal plaster's biggest advantage is its strength. Paper towels dipped in a soupy mix of Hydrocal and applied to a structure of balled paper or interwoven cardboard strips make a remarkably strong scenery shell.

The TVR was originally built to tap the gypsum deposits around Plaster Rock. By 1891, only 14 miles of track had been laid down. This was difficult terrain to build on and construction costs began to mount quickly. The whole line was completed in 1893 and it opened for traffic in 1894.

The mainline, now near eye level, disappears behind another rise (there are no tunnels in this section of the Caliente Sub) while the NIS branch continues onto the peninsula. The ~ quarry and PABCO plant are quite discernable on satellite maps, ...

Don't purchase Hydrocal from the hobby store in expensive small containers. Go to a tradesmen Drywall/~ board supply house and buy it by the 100 lb sack for around $10.00!!! Ask them to order it in if they don't stock it. -Fred Penner ...

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