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Pullman Car
Railway Carriage owned by the Pullman Car Company, running generally as part of a railway company's train.

Pullman: better than a sleeper, a Pullman has roomettes and sleeping compartments for overnight passengers.

Pullman 54' troop sleeper
ACF 54' troop kitchen
NYC 54' converted troop sleeper express car
Super Scale Models (unpainted kits, copper sides & ends, brass floor, wood roof, brass trucks, white-metal details): ...

A sleeping or parlor car operated by the Pullman Company; also commonly applied to any car of that same type.
Rail ...

SIDE-DOOR PULLMAN"Boxcar used by hobos in stealing rides
SKATE"Shoe placed on rail in hump yard to stop cars with defective brakes
SKIN YOUR EYE"Engineer's warning to man on left side of cab when approaching curve ...

Pulse Power - The locomotive is fed intermittent pulses of current to facilitate slow starts.
~ Car - Rail car providing a high standard of comfort and service for which a premium fare must be paid.
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ARU American Railway Union, Crushed during the ~ strike in 1894 Automatic Block Signal System (ABS) A series of consecutive blocks governed by block signals, cab signals or both, actuated by a train, engine or by certain conditions affecting the use of a block.

NrN Scale Layout 3x5 Digitrax WiredAmerican Flyer-1959-20540 'merchandiser' Freight Set Lgb 27422 "rhb Ge 4/4 Iii Albula Electric Locomotive" G-scale Train / New In BoxLgb 70640 Rhb Alpine Classic ~ Express Set Ex+/boxChallenger Imports Ho Guage Brass Up Early 4-6-6-4 "challenger"5 Kmt Kusan ...

On the longer trips lasting two weeks or so, we had a ~ sleeper (private car) with room for 22 crew members. This car also had a shower at one end. The service crews really loved sleeping in the ~. It was like being at rail fan camp on wheels. I only did it once on our first trip.

If your trip was short, or your budget modest, you rode coach in the same train as the ~ cars, or on a less important train. The more ordinary coach trains were more numerous and stopped more often. Some people called them "accommodation" trains.

~ Co.
Railroad company
Railroad conductor
Railroad contractor injured on the job, FELA case?
Railroad Cooperation and Education Trust
Railroad coupling
Railroad creeper
Railroad crossing
Railroad crossing
Railroad depot
Railroad Depot Zones
Railroad Development Corporation ...

American Railway Union (ARU )
Union movement crushed during the ~ strike in 1894 ...

UPP 420 Fox River was built as a two-bedroom, two-compartment, buffet-lounge-sleeper for Canadian National Railway. As No. 1087, named Cape Breton
UPP 203 Idaho was built as a 12-roomette, 4-double bedroom car named the Western Mountain. It was rebuilt by ~ Standard in 1965 as an 11-bedroom ...

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