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Rerailer track sections are also made; some look like road crossings. I prefer the straight ones over those that are curved. There are also track crossings at various angles to allow tracks to cross one another or to make figure eights.

Rerailer A heavy metal casting which was designed to be placed near a derailed wheelset of a locomotive or car, for the purpose of guiding the wheelset back onto the rail.

The section of the re-railer attached to the gate is also attached with four wood screws, but the holes in the rerailer for these four screws are slotted to allow plus or minus 1/8' lateral adjustment. On the gate end of the re-railer a 6' section of Atlas code 100 or code 83 flextrack is added.

Rerailers help keep the trains on track. Turnouts (switches)  will allow trains to move to other tracks. (more below) Terminal rerailer connects the tracks to the electricity. Rail joiners Stamped metal sleeve to join the rails electrically.

though most HO sets have a "rerailer," it still thwarts small hands. HO is good for the average child 10 and over, and 8 or 9 only if there is model building experience and parental supervision. The problem with HO is that it is not up to rough handling.

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