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Sidings are added to the inside and lower middle, as well as the reversing wye in the left loop.
More sidings to serve various lineside industries. The dogbone in this configuration offers some interesting operational possibilities

Reversing Track:
You may need a runaround track to keep your engine or train from being blocked in on a branch line, and to allow drop-offs without tying up the mainline.
Runaround: ...

Wye - A switch or turnout with diverging paths that curve away in opposite directions, equidistantly from a single straight track.

WYE"Tracks running off the main line or lead, forming a letter Y; used for turning cars and engines where no urntable is available
X"Empty car
XXX"Same as bad order ...

The Wye is also a type of reversing track. Again, part of the wye needs to be isolated from the normal Power Bus. Usually the "Tail Track" is the section that is gaped and isolated.

A triangular arrangement of tracks forming the letter Y used for turning cars and engines.

A track with three switches and three legs forming a large triangle which enables an entire train to turn around.

Wye (sometimes given as "Y")
A track system comprised of three switches and three long legs of track which enables an entire train to turn around as a unit.
Yard Geese ...

A track in the form of a "Y" which leads from a main line and is used in lieu of a turntable for turning engines, cars and trains around.
Yard ...

There is a wye junction between Utopia East, Mintwood and Underhill North. This area is wired and connected to the main layout with trailer hitch plugs.
Blueshores Harbor ...

Back at the wye yard, we'll set off all the loads from B (plus the empty covered hopper) and assemble all the remaining empties and the caboose (now at the end of the train because we were able to run-around it at the wye).

Windy A slang term for a car going down a track with no air or hand brake applied Wye A track shaped like the letter "Y", but with a connector between the two arms of the "Y". A wye is used to reverse the direction of trains or cars.

Wye (US), triangle (UK): three railroad tracks in a triangular form with switches at all three corners. With sufficient lengths of track leading away in all three directions, a wye can turn a train of any length.

In model railroading the worm gear is usually mounted on the driving axle.
Wye - A track with three switches and three legs forming a large triangle which enables an entire train to turn around.
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Wye A track shaped like the letter "Y", but with a connector between the two arms of the "Y".
Yard A system of tracks, other than main tracks and sidings, used for making up trains, storing of cars and for other purposes.

Triangle Additional track laid at a major junction to allow trains to be turned by running the three sides of the triangle rather than reversing in a wye.

On short runs, operating the locomotive "backwards" is more economical than using a wye or turntable or operating a second locomotive. Some locomotives may have a second control stand to facilitate operation in the "reverse" direction.

What was the interchange track on Track Plan 2 is now one leg of a "Wye" and will take very special wiring.

IO-1 meets the local at the wye at Gilman and then us at Rt.24. He had three GP40R's and 107 trailers and containers (not cars actual TOFC/COFC count, that many trucks not on I-57 tonight).

The BC&G will include Dundon (station, shops, company houses and store), Avoca wye, Sand Fork, Cressmont (dairy), Swandale (sawmill, engine house, company store and houses) and Widen (mine, tipple, power house, Widen bank, company store & ...

If you were at the January meeting you saw my TURNIP wye operating. That was the "show"; the next THINK SMALL will be the "tell".
Bill Williams - The Ancient One
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Y point
A point or turnout shaped like an uppercase Y; in other words a turnout with two equal diverging tracks rather than one straight track and one diverging one. Spelt wye in North America.
Common acronyms that you might run across.

Wye : Type of turnout where the two legs curve away equilaterally, forming a Y. Also a triangular track configuration for turning a locomotive or a train or for joining a branch to a main line for operation in both directions.

See also: See also: Train, Track, Engine, Switch, Yard

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