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Numismatic  Attribution  AU-53

AU-50 (About Uncirculated) - Sharp legends and devices show only a trace of wear on the highest points. There must be some remaining mint luster.

AU-50 This is for "About Uncirculated" (the grade) and "50" (the numerical designation of that grade). Also called "Almost Uncirculated-50." This is the lowest of the four AU grades, with the others being AU53, AU55, and AU58.

AU-50 to AU-55 grade SLQs with around two-thirds head detail are not expensive and are good values for collectors. A PCGS or NGC graded AU-55 1918-D, for example, would be likely to be priced below $250.

1959-P, AU-50, Breen 5251, Doubled Reverse Die. POR
John F. Kennedy Half Dollars (1964- )
Silver Kennedy Half Dollars ...

AU-50. Some minor hairlines but all in all a very acceptable Liberty twenty of the first design without motto and with the denomination abbreviated TWENTY D (PCGS # 8920) .
Estimated Value $750 - 800.
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Unsold ...

Certified NGC ~, Newman's 1737 Higley, Three Hammers Reverse, CONNECTICVT threepence is the finest of just two examples known of the variety.

AU coins come in ~, AU-55 and AU-58. As a novice, you probably won't be able to tell the difference between AU and Unc coins. I know I have trouble a lot of the time.

1831 Bust 25C NGC ~, RARCOA

About Uncirculated (~)
Obverse: Besides wear, the presence of some luster is required for this grade. Very light wear will show on tips of leaves and on cross and shield. Reverse: Light wear on number and trace of wear on stars. Stars may be weakly struck.
About Uncirculated (AU 55-58) ...

For example, Choice AU-55 represents an especially select About Uncirculated coin (typical About Uncirculated being ~).

~ is not a very appealing coin but it is still nearly uncirculated.
Very Choice About Uncirculated (AU - 58) - A Choice About Uncirculated coin is much like the ~ variety but has almost no contact marks, there almost full luster and the coin is visually appealing.

Draped Bust silver dollars and half dollars graded ~ to AU-55
The earlier coins in the series, from 1795 to 1803, while attainable, also are far from inexpensive, for all have mintages under half a million and, in most cases, under 100,000.

About Uncirculated (~) - Has traces of light wear on many of the high points. At least half of the mint luster is still present.
Choice About Uncirculated (AU-55) - Barest evidence of light wear on only the highest points of the design. Most of the mint luster remains.

About Uncirculated (~)
There are traces of wear on most of the higher areas of the designs and considerable disruption is seen in the larger fields. At least half of the original mint luster is present.
Choice / Extremely Fine (EF-45) ...

Some experts feel that AU-53 is a superfluous grade and, therefore, the difference between a coin graded ~ and AU-53 is hard to describe. My opinion is that an AU-53 is a solid About Uncirculated coin while an ~ is a coin which barely qualifies as such.

But these were heavily saved by collectors and dealers, and today the 1931-S brings a very nominal price (about $24 in ~), considering its rarity. By a quirk of fate, the number of nickels struck at San Francisco in 1931 was larger than would have otherwise been the case.

About Uncirculated - 50. Abbreviation: ~ Coins in this grade have traces of wear on nearly all of the high areas on the coin. At least half of the original mint luster remains.

Almost/About Uncirculated (~)
Very light wear. There is about half of the original color.
Choice About Uncirculated (AU-55) ...

PCGS has certified only 2 specimens, the finer of which is graded ~. 'This coin has nice old-fashioned eye appeal, some light signs of circulation, and a good overall look,' says John Pack, who studied the coin and dealt with the family who consigned it.

An adjective used to describe an above average specimen of a given grade. For instance, Choice EF-45 represents a coin above the typical EF-40, but still below ~.
Choice (2)
An Uncirculated or Proof coin generally agreed as the equivalent of grading 63 to 64 on a 70 point scale.

A grade that is usually one level higher than the market grade; refers to a coin that is "pushed" a grade, such as an EF/AU coin (corresponding to 45+) sold as ~.
commercial strike
A synonym for regular strike or business strike.

Choice - An adjective used to describe an especially select specimen of a given grade. For example, Choice AU-55 represents an especially select About Uncirculated coin (typical About Uncirculated being ~).

Of course, some proof coins are impossible to distinguish as proofs once they are worn beyond a certain point. Therefore, circulated proofs may also be graded by their circulated grade level (i.e.. VF-20 or ~), especially when there is some doubt as to their proof status.

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