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Selected term: Brilliant Uncirculated (BU)
Explanation: A descriptive term used to indicate an uncirculated coin that still retains a lot of the brilliant luster. Not a heavily toned coin
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Brilliant Uncirculated A generic term applied to any coin that has not been in circulation. It often is applied to coins with little "brilliance" left, which properly should be described as simply Uncirculated.

Brilliant Uncirculated: a "brand new" coin that is bright and flashy.
broadstrike: an error coin struck outside of its collar, resulting in an expanded planchet.
bronze: a reddish alloy of copper and a small amount of tin.

Brilliant Uncirculated (BU)
BU, which stands for brilliant uncirculated, is probably one of the most frequently encountered coin grades. BU refers to a coin with no wear and good to superb surfaces.

Brilliant Uncirculated (BU) - Another term for an uncirculated coin: a coin that has no wear.
Bronze - A harder alloy of mostly copper and some tin. Commonly used since the very beginning of human coinage.

Brilliant Uncirculated (BU): Usually implies full mint lustre.(US: MS-67)
FDC (Fleur de Coin): Perfect mint state, with no abrasions or marks, and full lustre. Usually applied to proof coins only, or coins from sealed mint sets. (US: MS-70) ...

Brilliant Uncirculated - Also called BU. A grade that usually denotes an Uncirculated coin full full mint lustre. See the grading page ...

brilliant uncirculated-A high quality, mint condition coin that has never been distributed for public use.

Brilliant Uncirculated (UNC) or 'Fleur de Coin'(FDC) - A perfect coin ( no traces of use, handling, shocks, scratches) which has 100% of its design remaining and still has a full mint sheen.

BU: "Brilliant Uncirculated" coin grade with no signs of wear, it must also have never been circulated (also considered "mint state" or "uncirculated")
bullion: gold or silver coins, bars or ingots ...

BU / Brilliant Uncirculated
A grading term for a coin that has no trace of wear but still shows a number of contact marks, striking deficiencies or breaks in the luster. Equivalent to a numerical grade of Mint State 60-62 on the SHELDON SCALE.

Brilliant Uncirculated. Also referred to as FDC. Although struck with normal dies, a coin described as BU is almost prooflike in appearance, being perfectly sharp, absolutely flawless and showing no signs of wear or bag marks.

Brilliant Uncirculated. Literally not circulated with full mint lustre. Refers to coins which are still in mint state condition, although factors such as strike and amount of surface imperfection may vary.
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"Brilliant Uncirculated" (illustrated above). Ex - Norweb - Stack's "Americana / Hain Family Part II" Sale, January 15-17, 2002, Lot 724, illustrated, sold for $414,000.00
National Numismatic Collection at the Smithsonian Institution ...

BU (Brilliant Uncirculated) - An uncirculated coin that displays much of its original luster.
Buffing - Polishing a coin to mimic original luster.
Bullion - Precious metals formed into objects with specific weights and purities.

BU (Brilliant Uncirculated)
The grade of a coin with no indication of wear, usually never exposed to circulation. Correlates to between 60 and 70 on the ANA 70 point grading scale. Same as Mint State (MS).
BU Roll ...

All rolls are original bank wrapped or taken from BU bank or Federal Reserve bags and put in paper wrappers or plastic roll holders. They come as they were, with both nice coins and just average.

BU: brilliant uncirculated, used to describe a coin in new condition.
Bullion: precious metals in the form of bars that are at least 99.5% pure.

BU: Brilliant uncirculated, is used to describe a coin in new condition. It is for a coin that has no wear, but it may have light handling marks or other imperfections.

MS-63 A Brilliant Uncirculated coin. Mint lustre may be impaired on portions of the design. Numerous small contact marks in groups. May have several detracting scuff marks.

BU - Brilliant Uncirculated, Best Uncirculated or Bright Uncirculated. It can also be described as UNC, Uncirulated or Mint State.

BU: Brilliant uncirculated, used to describe a coin in new condition.

BU or B.U. - Brilliant Uncirculated
MS - Mint State, Uncirculated coins graded from 60-70
Pr. - Proof ...

Mint State 63 (Brilliant Uncirculated [BU]): The coin is uncirculated with no traces of wear although the surface may have a few but scattered heavy contact marks and many light contact marks. Hairline scratches are visible to the naked eyes.

brilliant uncirculated - a descriptive term used to indicate an uncirculated coin that still retains a lot of the brilliant luster. Not a heavily toned coin. BU is used to abbreviate brilliant uncirculated.

brilliant uncirculated A term for a coin that has its original surface look and has not been circulated. Britannia Britannia is the personification of Britain, usually depicted as a helmeted woman with shield and trident.

BU - see Brilliant Uncirculated bag mark - Mark(s) on a coin that occurred during the production process. Come from coins bumping into each other when placed in bags at the mint.

MS/BU (Mint State/Brilliant Uncirculated) - some coins have a BU added to the uncirculated MS noting their brilliant shiny and luster. This designation does not have a numeric rating as it can be anywhere between MS-65-MS-70.

to the distribution system (banks, etc.) Baggy Numerous bag marks from banging into other coins Bands Raised horizontal lines at center of bundle of sticks on reverse of Mercury dime BHC Beaded Hair Cord BU Brilliant Uncirculated ...

As a consequence, folks are naturally interested in knowing more about a coin that is of a vintage recent enough to potentially still be found in brilliant uncirculated rolls (which are of a date that can be found at very modest prices).

00 Brilliant Uncirculated. Perfect in every respect. Excessively rare. This is a rather "mysterious" great rarity.

o Check the blue book gold coin values and decide how much you're willing to accept for your Brilliant Uncirculated, Extremely Fine or Good US Gold Coin commemorative.

BU Acronym for "Brilliant Uncirculated". A coin that has never been used as money or handled. In the elongated coin world, it is assumed that the term refers to a pre 1982 copper cent. See also the warning under Short Roll.

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