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Selected term: Brilliant Uncirculated (BU)
Explanation: A descriptive term used to indicate an uncirculated coin that still retains a lot of the brilliant luster. Not a heavily toned coin
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Brilliant Uncirculated A generic term applied to any coin that has not been in circulation. It often is applied to coins with little "brilliance" left, which properly should be described as simply Uncirculated.

Brilliant Uncirculated (BU)
BU, which stands for brilliant uncirculated, is probably one of the most frequently encountered coin grades. BU refers to a coin with no wear and good to superb surfaces.
While BU is a desirable coin grade, it's important to remember two things: ...

Brilliant uncirculated
A brilliant relief is struck on a brilliant field. Brilliant uncirculated coins are struck up to two times on numismatic presses.
Bars, ingots, plates, wafers and coins made from precious metals, usually gold or silver.

Brilliant Uncirculated: a "brand new" coin that is bright and flashy.
broadstrike: an error coin struck outside of its collar, resulting in an expanded planchet.
bronze: a reddish alloy of copper and a small amount of tin.

A generic term applied to any coin that has not been in circulation.
brockage ...

~ (BU): Usually implies full mint lustre.(US: MS-67)
FDC (Fleur de Coin): Perfect mint state, with no abrasions or marks, and full lustre. Usually applied to proof coins only, or coins from sealed mint sets. (US: MS-70) ...

~ - Also called BU. A grade that usually denotes an Uncirculated coin full full mint lustre. See the grading page ...

~-A high quality, mint condition coin that has never been distributed for public use.
broadstrike/broadstruck-A coin struck without a firmly seated collar, resulting in "spreading" outwards, but still showing all design details.

~. Also referred to as FDC. Although struck with normal dies, a coin described as BU is almost prooflike in appearance, being perfectly sharp, absolutely flawless and showing no signs of wear or bag marks. See the Grading Coins article for more information.
CFU ...

coin grade with no signs of wear, it must also have never been circulated (also considered "mint state" or "uncirculated")
Bullion ...

~ equivalent
About The Royal Mint
The Royal Mint has an unbroken history of minting British coinage dating back over 1,000 years. By the late thirteenth century the organisation was based in the Tower of London, and remained there for over 500 years.

~. Literally not circulated with full mint lustre. Refers to coins which are still in mint state condition, although factors such as strike and amount of surface imperfection may vary.
BU, RUB ...

"~" (illustrated above). Ex - Norweb - Stack's "Americana / Hain Family Part II" Sale, January 15-17, 2002, Lot 724, illustrated, sold for $414,000.00
National Numismatic Collection at the Smithsonian Institution ...

A ~ coin, with a matte, even surface
An investment coin made of precious metal ...

BU (~) - An uncirculated coin that displays much of its original luster.
Buffing - Polishing a coin to mimic original luster.
Bullion - Precious metals formed into objects with specific weights and purities.

BU (~)
The grade of a coin with no indication of wear, usually never exposed to circulation. Correlates to between 60 and 70 on the ANA 70 point grading scale. Same as Mint State (MS).
BU Roll ...

All rolls are original bank wrapped or taken from BU bank or Federal Reserve bags and put in paper wrappers or plastic roll holders. They come as they were, with both nice coins and just average.

BU: ~, used to describe a coin in new condition.
Bullion: precious metals in the form of bars that are at least 99.5% pure.
Bullion coin: a coin with a symbolic face value but trades at a price relative to its intrinsic value.

BU: ~, is used to describe a coin in new condition. It is for a coin that has no wear, but it may have light handling marks or other imperfections.

MS-63 A ~ coin. Mint lustre may be impaired on portions of the design. Numerous small contact marks in groups. May have several detracting scuff marks. The overall quality of the coin is average for a mint state coin, but overall the coin is attractive.

BU - ~, Best Uncirculated or Bright Uncirculated. It can also be described as UNC, Uncirulated or Mint State.

BU - ~, used to describe a coin in new condition.
Bullion - A coin or other object composed primarily of a precious metal, with little or no value beyond that of the metal.

BU - ~, used to describe a coin in new condition.
Bull Market: Describes investment markets such as stock markets or metals markets in which prices are, or are soon expected to be, on the rise. The opposite of a bull market is a bear market.

BU or B.U. - ~
MS - Mint State, Uncirculated coins graded from 60-70
Pr. - Proof ...

Mint State 63 (~ [BU]): The coin is uncirculated with no traces of wear although the surface may have a few but scattered heavy contact marks and many light contact marks. Hairline scratches are visible to the naked eyes.

~ - a descriptive term used to indicate an uncirculated coin that still retains a lot of the brilliant luster. Not a heavily toned coin. BU is used to abbreviate ~.

~ A term for a coin that has its original surface look and has not been circulated. Britannia Britannia is the personification of Britain, usually depicted as a helmeted woman with shield and trident. Bullion coin program produced by the Royal Mint in Great Britain.

BU - see ~ bag mark - Mark(s) on a coin that occurred during the production process. Come from coins bumping into each other when placed in bags at the mint. Larger size coins typically exhibit more bag marks than smaller ones.

~. A grade with a numerical value equal to about MS60-62.
A coin or other object composed primarily of a precious metal, with little or no value beyond that of the metal.
Bureau of Engraving and Printing
An agency of the U.S.

BU (MS60?) ~. Vague Grade. BV Bullion Value. The value of the coin is closely related to its metallic content (usually silver or gold). C Charlotte (North Carolina). Mintmark, 1838-61, gold coins only. C# (C1-C23?) Cohen number (1982).

As a consequence, folks are naturally interested in knowing more about a coin that is of a vintage recent enough to potentially still be found in ~ rolls (which are of a date that can be found at very modest prices).

Most of these coins were produced as normal ~ grade coins. The Mint also produced a smaller number of proof, burnished and even reverse-proof coins. Starting in 1995, the West Point Mint produced a 10th Anniversary American Eagle coin bearing it's "W" mint mark.

o Check the blue book gold coin values and decide how much you're willing to accept for your ~, Extremely Fine or Good US Gold Coin commemorative.

BU Acronym for "~". A coin that has never been used as money or handled. In the elongated coin world, it is assumed that the term refers to a pre 1982 copper cent. See also the warning under Short Roll.

A lovely ~ representative of this scarcer small eagle $5 gold piece, both sides exhibit award-winning yellow-gold color with faint traces of green-gold overtones discernible at certain angles.

Nearly gone: a related two-coin anniversary set with ~ one-ounce silver and gold Eagles. It looks to be on the verge of selling out, 14,783 sold as of Sept. 4 out of a maximum of 20,000 sets. These two BU coins each bear the West Point "W" mintmark.

~ - No traces of wear, and an obviously blemished surface.
ABOUT UNCIRCULATED - There are small traces of wear visible on the highest points of the coin.
EXTREMELY FINE - There is light wear on most of the high points of the coin.

~ (BU)
Choice Uncirculated (Choice Unc or Choice BU)
Gem ~ (Gem BU)
The last 3 grades in this list are approximately equivalent overall, but they may have held a higher or lower meaning to a particular dealer or auction firm.

These popular coins were issued in Prooflike ~ quality with a different design each year, through 2000. A freeze of the design was announced with the 2001 issues . and thus the 2002 Pandas were identical to 2001.

Described by Stack's as follows: "Choice ~, full mint lustre, some faint planchet adjustment marks on the eagle and a tiny rim planchet defect below the first star. Exquisite gray and iridescent toning. A superb specimen and if not the finest known certainly equal to it.

Gem BU - Synonym for Gem ~.
German silver - An alloy of copper, nickel and zinc but no silver. Also called American silver, Feuchtwanger's composition, nickel silver.

Term to indicate a coin or numismatic item that has never been in circulation, a coin without wear. See '~,' 'Mint State,' and 'new.'
The individual or entity that executed the bid preceding the winning bid. Close, but no cigar.

To the inexperienced coin buyer a whizzed coin may appear to be ~ and not really an artificially processed, circulated specimen.
Now, a numismatic fairy tale.

In addition to the standard coins, BU (~) versions are available.

Almost Good (AG) Good (G) Very Good (VG) Almost Fine (AF) Fine (F) Very Fine (VF) Extremely Fine (EF) Uncirculated (UNC) ~ (BU) Proof (Actually a minting process, rather than a grade)
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Uncirculated A piece in new condition as issued by the mint. If it retains its original luster, it can be called '~.'
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A piece in new condition as issued by the mint. If it retains its original luster, it can be called '~.'
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Meanwhile, the man engraving peat is on the 7 sided 10 Ariary. A farmer plowing such field is set on the 20 Ariary. The Avenue of the Baobabs is featured on the 11 sided 50 Ariary. These coins dated from 1996 until 2005 and considered as ~.

Grade The condition of a coin or amount of wear that a coin has received. Common grade terms, from worst to best, are About Good (AG), Good (G), Very Good (VG), Fine (F), Very Fine (VF), Extra/Extremely Fine (EF), Almost Uncirculated (AU), Uncirculated (UNC), and ~ (BU).

In the early 1970s Bowers and Ruddy Galleries used the silly term "~, light rub" in their advertisements to describe such "super sliders." [See Nice, Slider] Saints Saint-Gaudens' $20 gold coin issued 1907-1933.

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