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Cull - A coin in defective condition.
Device - A symbol of local significance, used on the reverse of a coin in conjunction with a motto. The Eagle has been a frequent device on U.S. Coins.

Cull Coin
Coin collectors are a discriminating bunch. We don't much like coins that have been cleaned, bent, holed, or are otherwise damaged. But one person's trash is another's treasure. That's why many coin collectors who don't have much to work with for a budget love cull coins.

Cull - A coin that is extremely worn and/or damaged.
Currency -Paper money / notes used for payment.
Damage - Physical change, such as a scratch, nick, ding, cleaning, hole or pitting. ...

Cull - A coin that is extremely worn and/or damaged.
Cupro-Nickel (or Copper-Nickel) - Composed of an alloy of copper and nickel, as for example U.S. 5 cent coins (other than half dimes) and Canadian 5 cent coins produced since 1982.
Currency - Paper money.

cull: a coin worn almost completely smooth.
Curated: a recently developed term to describe coins that have been cleaned, but where the cleaning has been so light and well done that it is impossible to tell. Curation will not disqualify a coin from being certified.

A coin that is worn to the point of being barely identifiable, and/or damaged.
cupro-nickel (or copper-nickel)
Composed of an alloy of copper and nickel, such as the U.S. Flying Eagle cents struck from 1856 thru 1858.

A coin that is usually non-collectible due to its extremely bad condition.
cupro-nickel ...

A term for a coin (usually silver dollars) excessively WORN or damaged.

~-A coin that is less desirable compared to other coins in a roll, tube, or group. The term is sometimes used to mean a very slick, worn, or defective coin.

A coin that is bent, severely damaged, very worn and otherwise of very little numismatic interest. Mint production culls are those coins that are of inferior quality and are pulled aside for recycling rather than be put into circulation.

~: A coin that is in very poor shape. Most of the time, it is very well worn. Also known as a "filler" coin.
Die: A metal device that is used to put the design on a coin.
Double Strike: What happens when a die strikes a coin more than once. Also called a double die error.

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~: ~ refers to a coin that is worn to the point of being barely identifiable or that has been damaged.
Denticles: The small raised areas around the rim of a coin. Common to older coinage.

~ - A coin in defective condition. Used not only of coins in circulation but those withheld from release by the Mint, because of manufacturing flaws. These are sent back for remelting.
Date Set - A single example of each coin minted in a coin series.
Denarius - The standard Roman silver coin.

Refers to a coin picked out from a group of coins because it is of extraordinarily poor quality, barely recognizable, sometimes even with damage (has holes or is bent, for example).
Curated Coin ...

~ - a below grade coin compared to other coins in a roll, tube, or group. Sometimes used to mean a very slick, worn, or defective coin. "Cull it out" - means to remove it from others because of its defects or low grade.

These are mechanical sifters that cull out undersize, oversize and mis-shapen planchets and coins. In theory, this should prevent all but normally-sized and normally-shaped coins from leaving the mint, but the evidence found in the error coins themselves proves otherwise.

The tubs are taken to a Processing and Distribution Center and emptied into hampers which are then automatically dumped into a Dual Pass Rough Cull System (DPRCS). As mail travels through the DPRCS, large items, such as packages and mail bundles, are removed from the stream.


Over at Replacements Ltd. outside Greensboro, which sells old and new dinnerware and collectibles, fast-rising silver prices enticed the company to cull through its own slow-moving inventory to look for bargains.

I paid my grandkids to go through bags of half dollars from the bank because I suspected there were a lot of uncirculated Kennedys. We sold the rejects for 49 cents each and made a profit on the rest. We just sold $10,000 worth of cull type coins." ...

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