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Deep Cameo

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Selected term: Deep Cameo (DC or DCAM)
Explanation: High grade proof
Most popular coin terms ...

Deep Cameo The term applied to coins, usually Proofs and prooflike coins, that have deeply frosted devices and lettering that contrast with the fields - often called ┬"black and white┬" cameos. Specifically applied to those 1950 and later Proofs that meet deep cameo standards (DCAM).

Deep Cameo: a coin that shows heavy contrast between the frosted devices and the mirrored fields.
Deep Mirror Prooflike: a coin struck for circulation that has extremely reflective surfaces. You can see yourself in these impressive little beauties.

Deep Cameo
Coins that have deeply frosted devices and lettering that contrast with the fields.
deep mirror prooflike ...

deep cameo-Coins with deeply frosted devices/lettering that creates a high level of contrast with other coin features.
deep mirror prooflike-Having highly reflective fields, similar to a coin struck as a proof.

When Is ~/Ultra Cameo Proof Gold Worth a Premium?
By Doug Winter - RareGoldCoins.

~ - high grade proof.
Double Die - A coin that was struck twice with the same die, with one strike slightly off from the other.

DCAM (~)
An expression to describe a proof coin having heavily frosted design elements and lettering that contrast with the fields. See also Cameo (CAM).
Dealer ...

- cameo - see ~ CDN
- chop marks - marks or characters stamped into previously made coins. Often found on silver trade dollars and other precious metal coins. When coins were used for trading purposes a oriental assayer would test a piece of the coin for purity.

~ Term applied to proof coins that have deeply frosted devices that contrast with the mirrored fields. deep mirror prooflike A business strike coin that has mirror-like fields.

~. High grade proof.
~. High grade proof.
Doubled Die Obverse. Type of die variety.
Doubled Die Reverse. Type of die variety.
A person or company that regularly buys and sells numismatic collectibles.
dealer buy price ...

DCShort for ~. DCAMShort for ~. DDOAn acronym for Doubled Die Obverse. See Also -- double(d) die dealerSomeone whose occupation is buying, selling, and trading numismatic material.

DCAM Short for ~. dealer Someone whose occupation is buying, selling, and trading numismatic material.

PCGS graded Proof 65 ~ CAC Verified. Encased in PCGS holder 13909342. A wonderful Gem Proof. This coin was in a first generation holder and graded Proof 64. Sent back to PCGS for regrade and now is tied for the finest ~ graded at PCGS. Mintage unknown.

Cameo (CA), Ultra Cameo (UC), ~ (DCAM)
These are terms used for Proof strike coins. In order for a coin to be considered a Cameo or ~, both sides of the coin must meet a minimum benchmark for each designation.

It is always nice to have a PR69 or a PR70 DCAM (~) coin in your collection, but at what cost? Are modern proof coins in these grades a good buy?

In two June 5 eBay auctions, a Julia Tyler coin graded Proof 70 ~ by Professional Coin Grading Service and designated as a “First Strike' sold for $2,801. A First Strike PCGS Mint State 70 Julia Tyler coin sold for $2,825. The Proof 70 coin had 19 bids; the MS-70 piece, 27 bids.

DCAM - the abbreviation for ~
Denomination - the face value of a coin, such as one cent, ten cents, etc.
Denticles - the toothlike projections seen on the borders of older U. S. coins ...

* 1997 Prestige Proof Set, $220.00
* 1996 Prestige Proof Set, $535.00
* 1997 Prestige Proof Set 6 ~ Proofs, $173.38
* 1990 Eisenhower Prestige Proof Set, $22.96
* 1996 US Mint Olympic Prestige Proof Set (one of only 55,000), $480.00 ...

The depth of mirrors on proof coinage has led to terms of distinction such as Cameo, ~, Ultra Cameo and so forth.

Those with deeper pockets who love a challenge seek to assemble date-and-mint sets in MS-65 and above or collections of high-grade proof Franklins with ~ contrast.

For example, with the state quarters, do I buy the rolls from the Mint, or bank or really spend a lot of money and buy the certified coins from dealers? And then there are the ~, which are even more expensive.

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