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Selected term: Deep Mirror Prooflike (DPML)
Explanation: Having highly reflective mirrorlike fields, similar to a coin struck as a Proof
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Any coin that has deeply reflective mirror-like fields, the term especially applicable for Morgan dollars. Those Morgan dollars that meet PCGS standards are designated (DMPL).

Deep Mirror Prooflike: a coin struck for circulation that has extremely reflective surfaces. You can see yourself in these impressive little beauties.

(DMPL) - Having highly reflective mirrorlike fields, similar to a coin struck as a Proof.
Delamination - Metal missing or retained but peeling from the surface, due to incomplete bonding or impurities in the planchet.

deep mirror prooflike
An attribute given to coins with highly reflective mirrorlike fields, giving it a similar look to that of a proof strike.

A coin that has deeply reflective mirror-like fields.
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DMPL (Deep Mirror Prooflike)
A term applied to a coin with deeply reflective fields, with a mirror-like appearance. Used frequently in describing certain Morgan silver dollars.
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DMPL - - This refers to the reflectivity of the coin's surface. These are generally early minted coins from highly polished planchets thus producing a mirror like appearance.

Prooflike/Deep Mirror Prooflike - The term used to describe business strike coins that have reflective fields. They look similar to proofs, however, do not exhibit the unusually strong strike of prods, nor the squared rims.

A business strike coin that has mirror-like fields.

such as a scratch, nick, ding, cleaning, hole or pitting date The year(s) shown on a coin, usually the same as the year it was minted dealer A person or company that regularly buys and sells numismatic collectibles deep mirror prooflike ...

(DMPL) A grading term used to describe the fields of a coin. Demand note Demand notes, authorized in 1861, were the first paper money issued by the United States federal government for circulation.

Abbreviation for Deep Mirror Prooflike. An exceptionally deep mirror-like prooflike coin with little if any cartwheel lustre. Synonym: "D.P.L." (See P.L.)
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Reflectivity is obscured on such a specimen, unlike the reflectivity on prooflike and coins. series A particular design or motif used over a period of time.

DDO Double Die Obverse DDR Double Die Reverse DK Dark DMPL Deep Mirror Prooflike EF Extremely Fine EF+ Extremely Fine 43 EF-AU Extremely Fine 48, looks like an AU coin, ...

DMPL - Abbreviation for . Mostly used when describing Morgan Silver Dollars.
Doctored - Typically considered a derogatory term. A doctored coin has been enhanced by chemical or other means.

DMPL: Abbreviation for Deep Mirror Prooflike.
Eye-Appeal: The special beauty of a coin.
Field: The flat part of a coin's surface.

DMPL: The designation "" is used for coins that have deep reflective (almost mirror-like) fields ...

A term used to describe a coin that has some mirror-like surface mixed with satin or frosty luster. Reflectivity is obscured on such a specimen, unlike the reflectivity on prooflike and deep mirror prooflike coins.
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. Premium Quality" for what is under different conditions a very plain coin. [See Particularization] Princess U.S. $3 gold piece so-called for designer James Longacre's idealized Indian Princess portrait.

See also: See also: Prooflike, Mirror, Proof, Coin, Struck

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