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Extremely Fine: Of interest to collectors are many Mercury dimes in Extremely Fine condition. The slight even wear leaves the majority of the design crisp and sharp.

Extremely Fine The grades EF40 and 45. This grade has nearly full detail with only the high points worn, the fields rubbed often with luster still clinging in protected areas.

Extremely Fine (Extremely Fine-40)
Wear will be obvious but it will be more confined than on lower grade coins. Much of the wear will be localized on the tip of the coronet, the hair near the ear of Liberty and the wing tips.

Extremely Fine (EF-40) - Design is lightly worn throughout, but all features are sharp and well defined. Traces of luster may show.

Extremely Fine ("EF" "XF") - Light wear is clearly visible on the high points of the coin. The design devices are still clear. Mint luster or "shine" is still visible, but worn. XF40 to XF45. Note the wear on the tips of the wings.

Extremely Fine: same as Extra Fine.
eye appeal: the visual aspects of a coin. Coins with nice eye appeal are worth a premium.
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Extremely Fine - Term for the grades EF40 and EF45.
Extremely high relief - The 1907 double eagle issue designed by Augustus Saint-Gaudens.

Extremely Fine (EF-40 or XF-40)
There is light wear on the high points of the designs, but there is still an excellent overall sharpness. Considerable mint luster will still show in the protected areas.

Extremely Fine-40 (EF40): The coin's design is lightly worn. Traces of luster may show.

Extremely Fine
The grades EF40 and 45 in coin grading. This condition has nearly full detail with only the high points worn, the fields rubbed often with luster still clinging in protected areas.
Extremely High Relief ...

Extremely Fine (XF or EF) - Very light wear on only the highest points.

Extremely Fine (EF 40-48) - A coin with small amounts of wear and possibly some remaining luster.
Fasces - The bundle of wooden rods on the reverse side of Mercury dimes. An ancient Roman symbol of martial power and authority.

extremely fine
A grade of coin with nearly full detail and only the high points worn.
eye appeal ...

extremely fine-An ANA grading standard for coins that are well above standard condition.
eye appeal-Subjective term referring to a coin's overall attractiveness or appearance.
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Extremely Fine (EF) - This is a condition of a coin that is almost perfect but which has had a little circulation and therefore will possess some small faults although often difficult to detect with the naked eye.

EF (Extremely Fine) - A grade, see the grading page
Effigy - The name given to the Head on the obverse of a coin. For example the Effigy of Queen Elizabeth II on all current British coins. Shown in Illustration 1, top of page.

EF / Extremely Fine
Also sometimes referred to as XF. A grade given to coins which show light traces of wear throughout but features are still sharp and well-defined. Traces of luster may also show.

EF-40 (Extremely Fine) - Legends are sharp, devices are clear with slight but obvious wear on the high points.
XF-45 (Choice Extremely Fine) - Legends and devices are clear and sharp, with slight wear on the high points, and great eye appeal.

EF-40 (Extremely Fine) - slightly more wear than a "45"; traces of mint luster may show
EF-30 (Good Very Fine) - light even wear on high points, all lettering and design details are sharp ...

Extremely Fine
XF or EF
XF grade coins (or EF) have a very light wear on only the highest points.

Extremely Fine - 40. Abbreviation: EF-40 Slight wear overall on the coin's design but more wear than an EF-45 coin. The coin exhibits excellent overall sharpness in its design details which remain well defined.

Extremely fine (EF): Nearly as good as uncirculated. No definite signs of wear but the very highest points of the design may show the slightest signs of rubbing.

Extremely Fine (EF-40)
Obverse: Leaves will be bold with most of the center lines showing. Shield lines should be clear, but may be lacking in certain areas due to strike. Should be some luster among the letters.

Note: Extremely fine style with incredible details and careful legend execution. A scarce issue, noted only in Sear for officinas E and S. Graded and encapsulated by NGC Ancients (David Vagi) as Mint State with 3/5 Strike and 4/5 Surfaces.

Extra/Extremely Fine (XF/EF-40)
Lightly but evenly worn. All details are very sharp but there may be some slight scratches. There may be some of the original color (mint luster).
Choice Extra/Extremely Fine (XF/EF-45) ...

"Choice Extremely Fine, nearly About Uncirculated." Ex - Cogan's sale of April 1863 - Charles Ira Bushnell, Lorin G. Parmelee, H.P. Smith - George H. Earle - Carl Wurtzbach - Virgil M. Brand - Belden Roach - Will W. Neil - F.

EF - Extremely fine
A coin that has had a short period of circulation and will show very slight wear on the high points that is barely noticeable to the naked eye.

EF - Extremely Fine
F - Fine
Foxing - Yellowish or brown staining. A form of environmental damage, not an error ...

Acronym for Extremely Fine
A duplicate coin created by the electrolytic method, where metal is deposited into a mold made from the original. The obverse and reverse metal shells are then filled with metal and fused together.

EF stands for extremely fine which means that the coin will show only slight wear on the highest points of the coin. XF means that the coin has extra fine quality, while F stands for fine.

Extremely Fine 40 & 45 25 - 50% Mint Luster present. Only the slightest bit of wear on the high points.
Almost Unciruclated 50, 53, 55, & 58 - Virtually full mint luster with only minute evidence of wear.

EF - "Extremely Fine" or in some locations the term "extra fine" is used for this coin grading term. An EF coin is a high grade, but circulated coin. It should show light traces of wear, particularly on the highest features of the coin.

Circulated coins, at the time of this writing in 1993, consisted of the following grades: Poor, Fair, About Good, Good, Very Good, Fine, Very Fine, Extremely Fine (sometimes Extra Fine), and About Uncirculated.

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