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Gem Uncirculated

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Gem Uncirculated: a grade range of 65 to 66 on a scale of 1 to 70.
Gobrecht dollar: U.S. Silver Dollars designed by Christian Gobrecht and struck from 1836 to 1839.
gold: a soft, precious metal of yellow color.

Gem Uncirculated The adjectival equivalent of Mint State 65 or 66.
Gobrecht Short for "Gobrecht dollar." ...

GEM UNCIRCULATED: A flawless uncirculated note. It is bright, crisp, well centered, free from any traces of handling. and has no folds, creases or bent corners.

Gem Uncirculated (Mint State-65)
With the exception of one issue, the 1851-C gold dollar, Mint State-65 coins from the Charlotte Mint are virtually unknown.

GEM = Gem Uncirculated
SILVER COINS : A hint of flatness of strike. Just a few detracting marks may be visible to the naked eye. Insignificant die cracks may be present. Almost full mint lustre is evident.

~ (or FDC-Fleur de coin): Perfect mint state.
Uncirculated (Unc.) : In new condition but may show very slight signs of handling though not of wear.

See Gem.
Gobrecht dollar
Silver dollars dated 1836, 1838, and 1839 struck in those years and later restruck. Named for their designer, Christian Gobrecht, Chief Engraver from 1840-44.

Note that ~ Barber, Walking Liberty, and Franklin half dollars are worth considerably more than their silver value.

SUPERLATIVE ~ - A virtually flawless coin, exactly as it was minted and it has no trace of wear or unusual striking traits.
CHOICE ~ - A virtually flawless coin with very minor imperfections.
~ - No traces of wear, but may have a small blemish or two.

See Coin Grading Gem UncShort for ~. ~The adjectival equivalent of Mint State 65 or 66. GobrechtShort for "Gobrecht dollar.

Gem Unc Short for ~.
~ The adjectival equivalent of Mint State 65 or 66.
Gobrecht Short for 'Gobrecht dollar.' ...

Choice Brilliant ~ (MS - 65) - A choice brilliant uncirculated is a coin with nearly full luster, almost no contact marks and is highly appealing with a great strike at the mint.

Grading at this superior level has become more complex in recent years with distinctions being made in many catalogs between (from highest to lowest state of preservation) - FDC, ~ and Choice Uncirculated. UncirculatedA coin which shows no signs of being in circulation.

~ was roughly equivalent in usage to BU at that time.
..... Click the link for more information. services will grade and "encapsulate" coins in a labeled, air-tight plastic holder.

Today, in ~ (MS-65), the Lafayette is by far the most expensive coin among the silver issues of the US classic commemorative series, with typical selling prices in excess of $9,000 for attractive examples.

The 1853 Philadelphia issue appears with the most frequency in ~, while the New Orleans issue of that year is the rarest of the series, particularly in mint state. The 1854-O also appears occasionally in high grade; a small hoard of about 18 pieces turned up in 1981.

Like the time a dozen years ago when, at an otherwise ho-hum convention, I plucked from the inventory of one of America's shrewdest and most successful dealers a pair of obvious specimen proof 1927 nickels - marked ~ and a few hundred dollars apiece.

Choice uncirculated corresponds to the MS-63 grade and on coins that were once called near gems, today's corresponding grade is MS-64. A ~ coin is now called MS-65 or MS-66. Superb ~ is now considered to be either MS-67 or MS-68.

Should we buy only choice, ~ coins? Like so many things in coin collecting, it's a matter of opinion. Each collector sets his or her goals and goes on from there.

Goals ...

If a particular coin in true ~ condition has an average wholesale price of $200, why would any dealer want to sell one for $150 or less?

Used in a generic sense to describe a high-quality coin. ~ coins are said to grade MS65 or higher.
Plated with a precious metal, usually gold, sometimes silver.

Here are a few modern rare pennies and their retail value. It is important to note the coin values are for ~ Coins. They are best described as like new, very bright and virtually mark free. Note: Values updated 2010.
Modern Lincoln Cent Rarities ...

Terms like "~" and "very fine" began to see use, as more precise grading descriptions allowed for more precise pricing for the booming collector market. In 1948, a well-known numismatist by the name of Dr.

An unofficial absolute rarity rating scheme that indicates the number of expected examples of a coin (by denomination and date) to exist in Original ~ (65) or better condition.
See Accolated.

Wisconsin, Wausau - $5 The First National Bank of Wausau
Charter 2820
Jones-Woods, Series of 1929, Type I
Serial # E007567A
Plate # E55/127
Fr. 1800-1
PMG 66EPQ ~ ...

This evolved for a time to the letter grading system of Basal State (also Poor (PO)), Fair (Fr), Almost Good (AG), Good (G), Very Good (VG), Fine (F), Very Fine (VF), Extra Fine (EF or XF), Almost Uncirculated (AU), Uncirculated (Unc) and Brilliant or Beautiful Uncirculated (BU). ~ ...

No coins in this series can actually be called common in gem condition, but 1917 Type 1 and 1930 quarters appear in full-head ~ condition most frequently. Many other issues are periodically available in gem condition, but not very often with a full head.

The demand by thousands of Lincoln cent collectors has outstripped the supply, and these coins range in value from $50 (used or well worn) to $600 (pristine ~). There are other types of doubling that are not as prominent or valuable, including on these dates.

round and octagonal, struck by the San Francisco Mint in 1915 to commemorate the Panama-Pacific Exposition in that city. Present values range from a few dollars for the later Booker T. Washington and Carver/Washington issues to over $150,000 for the round Pan-Pacific gold slug in ~ ...

For example: an inconsequential 1876 California fractional gold quarter dollar (octagonal format), catalog number BG-797 in the official guide, sold in raw ~ condition in October 1989 at the height of the 1985-9 coin boom. It fetched $176.

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