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Numismatic  Nezak  NGC Census Report

NGC Expands Plus (+) Designation to World Coins
Numismatic Guaranty Corporation® (NGC®) has expanded its Plus (+) Designation to world coins struck prior to 1970. All eligible world coins submitted for grading on March 3, 2015, and later will be reviewed for +.

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NGC was founded in 1987 and is one of the two leading grading and certification services for U.S. and World coins. Services include authentication, grading and certification. Headquarted in Sarasota, Florida.
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This set is certified by NGC in SP66 condition with the ANA Inaugural Releases label. These coins are struck in a nickle-copper composition and there are no 70 coins that exist. In a 69 grade one could expect to pay over triple this amount for a single coin.

For example a coin might be described as PCGS MS69 (meaning certified by PCGS as being in Mint State, numerical designation 69) or NGC PF70 (meaning certified by NGC as Proof state, numerical designation 70).

~ Numismatic Guarantee Corporation PCGS Professional Coin Grading Service - PCGS certifies coins as genuine and determines their grades according to a popular coin hobby grading scale (of 1 to 70).

~ - ~ was founded in 1987, hundreds of thousands of coins are submitted to ~ each year by collectors and dealers who have confidence in our ability and integrity as a third-party grading service. Their grading process involves numerous steps within several specialized departments.

~ Summary of Fees
You summit your coins through an ~ authorized dealer or become a member of the Collectors Society. If you choose to use an authorized dealer they generally help you choose the correct submission tier.

~ Short for Numismatic Guaranty Corporation.
nickel Popular term for a five-cent piece struck in cupro-nickel alloy (actually 75% copper, 25% nickel).

Short for Numismatic Guaranty Corporation.
The primary currency unit of Bhutan; there are 100 chetrum to the ngultrum.

By the skin of the teeth - being the only service rated "superior" on turn-around time - ~ could clamp onto title as top dog. "We are pleased with the results," ~ President Mark Salzberg said. "We fully expected the results. We're happy it came out this way.

~ label bears special citation for Proof 1922 Peace, High Relief dollar consigned to the FUN auction by Pawn Stars owner.
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~ - Numismatic Guarantee Company.
PCGS - Professional Coin Grading Service.

~ - the abbreviation for Numismatic Guarantee Corporation
Numismatics - the studying and collecting of coins
Numismatist - one who engages in numismatic activity for whatever end ...

~: acronym for Numismatic Guaranty Corporation of America, one of two major coin grading services in the United States.
Noble: modern platinum bullion coin issued by the Isle of Man since 1983.
Nugget: modern gold bullion coin minted by Australia, .9999 fine.

~ - Numismatic Guarantee Corporation. Coin Grading service.
Noble - Modern platinum bullion coin issued by the Isle of Man since 1983.
Nugget - Modern gold bullion coin minted by Australia, .9999 fine.

Acronym for Numismatic Guaranty Corporation, located in Parsippany, NJ. Currently the leading coin grading service.
~ Census Report ...

~ - see Numismatic Guarantee Corporation. nickel - nick name for the US five cent piece. Although only 25% of the five cent piece is made of the metal nickel it gives the appearance that it is solid nickel.

History of the Standing Liberty Quarter
The radical change in our coinage that was taking place in the early 20th century was not quite done by 1916.

~ (Numismatic Guaranty Corporation) was founded in 1987. ~ provides
a great deal of competition for PCGS. ~ has been given the honor as
being the current Grading Service of Choice for the ANA (American
Numismatic Association). They are highly regarded, and respected within ...

~ CERTIFIED MODERN ISSUE COINS - Founded in 2004, ModernCoinMart has quickly grown to be the number one seller of certified modern coins.

~ Proof-64. Stack's "The University of Notre Dame Sale", March 20-21, 2001:157, not plated, unsold
~ Proof-64. Bowers & Merena Galleries' "The Cabinet of Lucien M. LaRiviere, Part II", March 15-17, 2001, Lot 1135, unsold ...


Maurice Rosen, publisher of the Rosen Numismatic Advisory, agrees that the greatest upgrades come from actually cracking coins out of their holders - especially ~ and PCGS holders from the late 1980s, when standards were tight, ...

~ (Numismatic Guarantee Corporation) - A coin grading service.
Numismatics - The study and collecting of money.
Obsolete - A series or coin design that is no longer in production.

~ offers coverage almost as complete as PCGS. Their main caveat is with respect to copper coinage. Perhaps PCGS has a similar exception, but has not noted it in the literature available to me at this time.
Here is their story: ...

~ utilizes all of the above-mentioned "no grade" categories. In addition, ~ will not grade any coin dated 1965 and later or any Territorial coinage.
Hallmark utilizes all of the above-mentioned "no grade" categories.

~ recognizes this variety (and has for a few years) while PCGS only just started recognizing it. This means that at both services the number graded are unrealistically low and collectors shouldn't think that this variety has the same level of rarity as an issue like the 1854-O or the 1856-O.

~: Acronym for Numismatic Guaranty Corporation, a third party grading service for coins, and paper currency.
Numismatist: An individual who studies or collects money or substitutes of it (Tokens, Bank Notes, etc...)
O ...

~ Census: 1; 1 finer (MS-66). A separate listing for a "silver plugged" 1794 in MS-66 is the Amon Carter piece, now called Specimen-66 by PCGS. The other MS-66 (~) is the Hayes coin, also now in a PCGS MS-66 holder, leaving the Cardinal Collection specimen as the single finest graded by ~.

~ - Numismatic Guaranty Corporation of America of Sarasota, Florida
SS Republic. Same story as SS Central America and PCGS, but a different ship and different TPG. Same story, same results. NGS also now has a conservation (i.e. cleaning) arm called National Conservation Service (NCS).

~: abbreviation for the Numismatic Guaranty Corporation (a third-party, independent grading service).
nick: a small contact mark on a coin.
Nickel: the hard metal used to make Five Cent pieces. Also, the alloy on modern clad coins.

Abbreviation for Numismatic Guaranty Corporation. The ~ is one of the major coin grading companies.
Third Party Grading grade ...

"~ en PCGS is beide in die 2004- en 2006-opnames van lede van die PNG (Professional Numismatists Guild) en ICTA (Industry Council for Tangible Assets) ten opsigte van graderings-akkuraatheid en vermo├" om gewysigde, herstelde, beskadigde, skoongemaakte en onegte munte te identifiseer, as ‘ ...

1. ~ MS 63 - Finest Known - Duke's Creek Collection; ex: Hancock & Harwell, Farmer Collection, Hancock & Harwell, Bowers & Ruddy, Eliasberg Collection, 10/82, Lot 422.
2. ~ MS 62 - Private Collection; ex: Heritage 2/99: Lot 6241 ($17,250); Michigan Collection, (PCGS 62).

NOTE: ~ graders place a "star designation" on coins that they feel have "exceptional eye appeal." ...

Proof or Mint Sets
I am getting ready to buy a 2005 coin set and I was wondering which coin set would be worth more and hold its value better over time, the 2005 United States Mint Silver Proof Set or the 2005 United States Mint Uncirculated Coin Set?

~ graded Proof 67 Cameo. Encased in ~ holder 1888601-002. Well struck and fully golden color. A very popular key type coin. A few faint lines in the fields. Only 425 Proofs struck.

Westminster Mint only recommends coins certified by the top 4 third party coin grading services PCGS, ~, ICG and ANACS. These are all widely respected and nationally known services and are considered to be industry leaders.

~ or N.G.C. - Numismatic Guaranty Corporation of America, a third-party grading service.
nick - A small mark on a coin caused by another coin bumping against it or by contact with a rough or sharp object.
numismatics - Area of study relating to coins, medals, or similar items.

1823/2 25c VF30 ~. B-1, R.6. in ANA Sale by Heritage
"Superbird" Quarter Pair at Pittsburgh ANA Signature Auction by Heritage
Buffalo Nickel Errors and Varieties at Long Beach by Heritage ...

1800 Bust Dollar ~ AU50 BB184 Blue Perimeter Toning
Replica U.S. Trade Dollar 1876 CC #5134
1799 Draped Bust Dollar CHOICE VF+++/XF ** SCARCE!!! ...

Refers to a coin returned (rejected for grading) by one of the two major third-party- grading services, PCGS and ~.

Controversial at present, because the assigned grades seem to be inflated relative to standard services like PCGS and ~.
adjustment marks
Marks caused by filing a planchet before striking to reduce its weight to the standard, as was sometimes done for early U.S. coinage.
AG (AG3)
About Good.

Two highly respected grading services are the Numismatic Guaranty Corporation (~) and Professional Coin Grading Service (PCGS).

In 1997, ~ graded and encapsulated the coin Proof 50, today the coin is graded by PCGS as a Proof 58 and has just been placed into the collection of a collector for a price in excess of $800,000." The provenance is well documented.

The three most prolific are PCGS, ~, and ANACS. These firms are highly respected and have stood the test of time with their grading practices. If requested, in addition to grading your coin, these services will attribute it by die variety with the proper Sheldon or Newcomb number.

There will always be differences of opinion in grading; however, if an uncirculated coin's problems prevent it from being certified by either PCGS or ~ that coin will probably be valued at less than the equivalent certified grade in the marketplace.

Photo (c) Numismatic Guaranty Corporation (~)
Definition: Slab is a slang term for a hard plastic case that holds a coin which has been graded and certified by a third-party grading service such as ~ or PCGS.

PCGS and ~ use technical grading. However, aesthetic metrics such as eye-appeal and colorful toning also play a part in the overall grade, For example; a coin may be "technically" awesome but receive a lower certified grade because of dark toning or poor eye-appeal.

Seaby #3528
6 Pence, 1697. S.3538; ESC-1566. William III. Third bust. Brilliant & fully lustrous example. ~ graded MS-65. Estimated Value 00-500.
Seaby #3533
Guinea, 1726. S.3633; Fr-327; KM-559.1. George I. 5th bust. A lovely & lustrous guinea. ~ graded MS-63. Estimated Value , 500-5, 500.

Like it or not, most problem-free, high quality rare coins dated 1933 and earlier are already graded by PCGS and ~. Nearly a quarter-century of professional grading matured the market to the point where professionally graded coins ARE the industry standard.

00 an ounce, times five "coins" = $775. Add a 100% premium for ~ graded coins and that comes to $1550.00. "The Coin Vault" is selling encapsulated five coin sets, graded BU, for $3499 and ~ MS-69, 5 coin sets for $3999.00. Happy Screw Year! ...

Also, try to stick with AU-58 and MS-62 graded by ~ or PCGS (learn more about Grading Coins), avoid not graded gold coins.
Please refer to our Coins Investment page for more information about Investing in coins.
Buy Gold Coins ...

In fact, the rare 4 and 8 Cob shipwreck coins were preserved and authorized by ~. A smaller amount of the shipwreck coins were found, and as an effect, global demand for such coins went up. So, if you prefer the idea of shipwrecked treasures, simply invest in those coins while they still exist.

A fake panda coin is worthless and a real silver panda coin, like the ones graded by the ~, are a good investment for later and in the mean time nice to collect.
Silver Dollar - Counterfeit Dollar
1796 Dollar - 1799 Dollar - 1804 Dollar - 1862 Dollar - 1876 Dollar - 1885 Dollar - 1926 Dollar ...

There are several companies (like PCGS, ANACS, ~, ICG, PCI, and SEGS) which are generally viewed with esteem by leading numismatists. However, there are literally dozens of other companies that slab coins but have yet to gain any respectable standing in the numismatic arena.

As of January 2000, the two major grading services had recorded a total of two quarter eagles in this grade (an 1843-C Large Date at PCGS and an 1842-C at ~) and three half eagles in this grade (an 1847-C and an MS-66 1859-C at PCGS plus an 1855-C at ~).

Numismatic Guaranty Corporation (~)
Third-party grading service based in Parsipany, New Jersey.
Numismatic News ...

7/8 TF, VAM 33
B/Ad reverse, 3 tail feather ends showing. Parallel arrow feathers. Long arrow shaft.
~ AU details, cleaned
7/8 TF, VAM 36
B/Ag reverse, 4 tail feather ends showing. Parallel arrow feathers. Long arrow shaft.
PCGS MS62PL Strong ...

A listing of the major third party grading services with comments, rating and pictures of their slabs, PCGS, ~, ICG, ANACS and others.
These are short articles about different numismatic related issues, opinions and ideas related to the coin collecting hobby.

* Buy from coin dealers who advertise that they belong to the ANA as well as the major certification and authentication services, PCGS, ANACS, ~, CCCS, ICG, PCI, NTC, and ACG.
* Get referrals from real-life and online hobbyists.

An indication of Premium Quality (PQ), applied by the ~ coin grading service.
Slight raised lines on the surface of a coin, caused by over polishing the die.

In the September 25, 2003, Orleans Sale held by Kingswood Coin Auctions, Lot 603 is called a "1893-S VG8 (~). A moderate grade for this rare date" [emphasis added].

The most well-known grading services are the Professional Coin Grading Service (PCGS), Independent Coin Grading Company (ICDC), Numismatic Guaranty Corporation of America (~), and ANACS. Using one of these services is advisable if you believe you have a very valuable, investment-grade coin.

* Dealer Subscribers get access to ALL of our Online and Mobile Price Guides - Market, FMV, PCGS, ~, CAC and Plus +.

Note: Extremely fine style with incredible details and careful legend execution. A scarce issue, noted only in Sear for officinas E and S. Graded and encapsulated by ~ Ancients (David Vagi) as Mint State with 3/5 Strike and 4/5 Surfaces.

Population (or Census): The number of coins that have been certified to date in particular grades by PCGS and ~, respectively.

Encapsulated coin - One which has been sealed in a plastic holder, especially by a third-party grading service such as PCGS or ~.

Most uncirculated coins, especially old ones should be submitted to professional coin grading agencies such as PCGS or ~ for precise grading.

As a collector, you can be sure of the rarity of your purchase thanks to regular figures published by the Professional Coin Grading Service (PCGS) and Numismatic Guarantee Corporation (~).
8 ...

and organizational strength so the market for coins certified by one of these organizations is very high. Among the more notable of the smaller services are the International Numismatic Society (INS) in Washington, D.C., the Rare Coin Exchange in Chicago and the Numismatic Guaranty Corporation (~).

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