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proof like
A coin specially manufactured by the Royal Canadian Mint with mirror fields
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Proof like (PL), Deep Proof like (DPL) and Deep Mirror Proof like (DMPL) ...

Proof Like - Having mirrorlike fields, similar to a coin struck as a Proof.
Proof Set - A specially packaged group of coins containing at least one of most or all of the denominations of proof coins struck by a nation in a particular year.

Proof Like: Is very similar to Deep Mirrored Proof Like, but the fields do not reflect images as a clear image (especially small text). These coins are closer to value of a non-proof like coin than a DMPL.
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- Proof like - Used to describe any uncirculated coin with a mirror like reflective surface but lacking the full characteristics of a proof.

- Quarter eagle - A United States two and one half dollar gold coin.

A proof like coin which exhibits a subdued, grey lustre. Although reflective, such a coin will not evidence the full brilliance of a cameo or brilliant proof like coin. Not to be confused with impaired or dull proof like pieces.

Deep Mirror Proof Like (DMPL)
DMPL coins are regular Morgan Dollars that were struck for circulation but have unusually frosted legends and devices and very reflective, mirror-like, fields.

Deep Mirror Proof Like - Business strike, with deep mirrored planchet.
Die Crack
A mark in the coin caused by a broken or cracked die.

Deep Mirror Proof Like coin. It's a business strike with a deep mirrored planchet.
business strike planchet proof
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Deep mirror proof like - Any coin that has deeply reflective mirror-like fields. This is a general term, However, it is especially applicable for Morgan dollars.

DMPL - Deep Mirror Proof Like - Describes an uncirculated coin or silver dollar that is not a proof, but exhibits the mirror like qualities of a proof coin. D mint mark - mintmark used to designate that the coin was struck at the US mint in "Denver Colorado".

The Chinese Gold Panda is a popular series of gold bullion coins issued by the People's Republic of China in proof like, brilliant uncirculated quality. The official mint introduced the Panda gold bullion coins in 1982.

DMPL - See "Deep Mirror Proof Like."
Doctored - Usually a pejorative reference for a numismatic item that has been artificially (fraudulently) enhanced.
Double Denomination - A very rare error in which a normally struck coin is restruck by another denomination die pair.

DPL: abbreviation for Deep Proof Like (used by NGC).
Draped Bust: design type used on many U.S. coins from 1795-1807.
dull: drab, usually referring to the lack of luster.

Proof like specimens exist. George T. Morgan, Assistant Engraver of the United States Mint was the designer of the reverse with Charles E. Barber being the designer of the obverse. McKinley was portrayed on money only because he had been killed in office. The official sale price was $3.00.

Yet, this superb coin, one of a handful of this caliber, is obviously exceedingly rare. In fact, the last public appearance of this delightful semi-proof like gem coin was back in January of 1998, as the half eagle crossed the podium as a part of the Heritage FUN sale then realizing $87,400.

" We grade, authenticate, verify and list attributes for errors and varieties such 5, 5+, and 6 steps for Jefferson nickels, DM (deep mirror), DMPL (deep mirror proof like) for Morgan Dollars, and we apply our exclusive attribute PQ (premium quality) to those coins that qualify.

Some of the coins did result in a full mirror finish and Proof like appearance. The Special Mint Sets present a good opportunity for collectors looking for variety.

Authorized by the Dalai Lama and mintedby the Franklin Mint in 1966. The issuewas struck in Gold Proof (1 piece); .999 fine silver (100 pieces); silverklad proof (698 pieces); FrankliniumII Proof (600 pieces); and Proof Like(600 pieces).

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