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rarity scale A term referring to a numerical-rating system such as the Universal Rarity Scale.
Raw Numismatic slang for a coin or other numismatic item that has not been encapsulated by a grading service.

rarity scale: a system used to rate the rarity of a coin, usually from 1 to 10, with 1 being common and 10 being unique.
raw: a coin that has not been certified. Warning: there could be a reason why! ...

Rarity Scale
A convention for designating the rarity of a coin, such as Sheldon's system (with values such as R1 for common pieces and R6 for extremely rare specimens) and the Universal Rarity Scale invented by Alan Herbert (with designations ...

Rarity Scale
Used primarily in PATTERN coinage and early cents, it is used to estimate the surviving POPULATION of a coin. Specifically: ...

Rarity Scale/Sheldon Scale - The scale by which rarity in terms of known or likely known specimens of a particular coin exist.

rarity scale
A convention for designating the relative rarity of a coin.
A former basic monetary unit of Spain and Spanish colonies.

Rarity scale
A numerical-rating system used to quantify rarity. One example is the Universal Rarity Scale.
Raw ...

Rome Rarity scale for Republican bronze and much more. From Andrew McCabe. Ashmolean Museum's database of provincial coinage from the Antonine era. A truly magnificent resource.

The rarity scale introduced in 1949 in Early American Cents.
The emblem used on certain issues that has horizontal and vertical lines in a shield shape.

Note: The rarity scale here includes three main ratings from C (common), to S (scarce), to R (rare). Within each rating numbers from 1-10 are may be used to indicate increasing degrees of rarity with 1 the most common and 10 the least common.

Universal Rarity Scale-A scale that measure's degree of rarity. A 10 point, ascending scale (higher number corresponds to increased rarity) that goes from UR1-readily available to UR10 - unique (literally one of a kind).

The Universal Rarity Scale by Q. David Bowers
It is quite obvious from the above that another scale was desperately needed by the hobby for indicating rarity of all coins. Leave it to Q.

rarity An infrequently encountered or available item; the number of surviving specimens of a particular issue, as may be indicated by a rarity scale index.

Comments: This is a fairly rare coin which Peters assigns as a R6 on the rarity scale, meaning 10-20 examples survive, ...

no more than 75 to earn that designation on the Sheldon Rarity Scale), but with these coins becoming not affordable for the general collection coins with much higher mintages are becoming "rare coin investments".

Their rarity scale is adapted from that proposed by Sheldon, however, the scale used for this series ranges from Rarity-1 to 10, thus the true Sheldon scale, which so many numismatists are accustomed to, must be disregarded for this series.

PVC Poly Vinyl Chloride. An ingredient of soft plastic "flip" coin holders which will damage coins over time. R# (R1-R8) Rarity scale. R1 most common; R8 least common. The often used Sheldon scale is: ...

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Numismatic  Rarity  Raw

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