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In simple terms, in a grade of VF there will be significant wear to the minor details but no major detail can be completely worn through.

Great Britain. James I (1603-1625). Gold laurel. (9.00 gm). . Second, medium, square headed bust of James I / Crowned coat of arms. Spink 2638. Weakly struck in the center, nevertheless an attractive coin. Natural copper tone. Very fine.

Very Fine (VF-20) - Shows moderate wear on high points of design. All major details are clear.
Choice Very Fine (VF-30) - Light even wear on the surface and highest parts of the design. All lettering and major features are sharp.

Very Fine ("VF") - Wear is clearly visible to the naked eye. Devices are still defined and distinguishable but significantly worn. VF20 to VF35. Note the significant wear on the high parts of the wings.

Very Fine: a grade range of 20 to 39 on a grading scale of 1 to 70.
Very Good: a grade range of 7 to 11 on a grading scale of 1 to 70.

Very Fine
The term corresponding to the grades VF-20, 25, 30, and 35. This has the broadest range of any circulated grade, with nearly full detail on some VF-35 coins and less than half on some VF-20 specimens.
Very Good ...

Very Fine-20 (VF20): You will find moderate wear on the high points of the design. All the major details are present.

Very Fine (VF-20)
There is moderate wear on all of the high parts of the coin and the designs and lettering have lost much of their sharpness. The original mint luster is virtually gone.

Very Fine (VF) - Light to medium wear. All major features are sharp.

Very Fine (VF 20-35) - A coin with a moderate amount of wear and minor design features visible.
Very Good (VG 8-10) - A well worn coin with all major design features clear and a full rim.

Very Fine
Grading term encompassing coins with nearly full detail down to coins with less than half detail.
W, X, Y and Z ...

Very Fine (VF) - A coin in this condition shows obvious signs that it has been in circulation but it still has a good appearance.

Very Fine
Term for the grades VF-20, 25, 30, and 35.
Very Good ...

VF (Very Fine) - A grade, see the grading page
Weak Strike - A coin struck with insufficient pressure resulting in the design elements showing less detail than they should.

VF / Very Fine
A grading term used for coins which display light, even wear on the surface and highest points of the DEVICES. All lettering and and major features remain sharp.

VF = Very Fine The design will now display obvious wear with small detail missing. However, major detail is still quite prominent. Moderate flat spots may show. Expressed in percent, werar is in the region of 26 to 35%.

VF-20 (Very Fine) - Clearly readable but lightly worn legends, devices show good detail, rims are clean, but the whole coin shows moderate wear on the high points and a little wear below.

VF-20 (Very Fine) - most details are still well defined; high points are smooth
F-12 (Fine) - major elements are still clear but details are worn away ...

Very Fine or EF. FBL - "Full Bell Lines" - term used to indicate how well detailed a US Franklin Half Dollar is. The Liberty Bell makes up the reverse design on Franklin halves. Lines go across the bottom of the Liberty Bell.

Very Fine (VF-20)
Moderately worn but all the details are clear. There may be some nicks and high points may be rubbed down a bit.
Choice Very Fine (VF-30) ...

Very Fine
VF grade coins have a light to medium wear. All major features are sharp.

Very Fine - 20-35 on the Sheldon grading scale.
The differences in the manufacture of the same coin.

Very Fine - just the slightest wear can be seen on the word LIBERTY
Extra Fine - LIBERTY and all other details will be sharp with just slight wear on the ends of the ribbons ...

Very Fine - 20. Abbreviation: VF-20 All the lettering, legends, date, and major features are sharp. Moderate wear on the highest points of the coin's design. Design details are clear.

Very fine (VF) : A definitely used coin but only the very slightest wear on high parts of the design.
Fine (F): Perceptible signs of wear, particularly on fine detail.

Very Fine (VF-20)
Obverse: Leaves will be fully separated and many will show veins from the top to center of leaf. Half of horizontal lines in shield will be present, although unevenness in the strike may show flatness in mid or upper right area.

Very fine raised die lines are noted on the obverse. The reverse has light clash marks and a faint die crack through the tops of F AME.
From Abe Kosoff's 1968 ANA Sale, Lot 757.
Important 1851-D Gold Dollar ...

The very fine, raised lines that appear on the surface of some coins, particularly those that are well struck. These lines result from the dies being polished leaving behind minute scratches on the die.

VF (Very Fine)
The grade of a coin having light to moderate wear on the highest points, with clearly defined details.
VG (Very Good) ...

1856-O, Very Fine +, Doubled Shield Line, POR

VF - Very fine
A coin that shows obvious signs of circulation, the high points and more intricate parts of the design will be completely worn away, some minor edge knocks and rim damage may be present.

VF - Very Fine
VG - Very Good
Wet Printing - Method of printing currency on wet sheets of paper, widely used by the BEP prior to Series 1957, and which often results in minor size and design differences, ...

Hairlines - Very fine lines or scratches on a coins surface.
Head (Obverse) - The front of most coins.
Incuse - Portion of a coin's design that has been pressed into the surface.

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