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Selected term: Buffing (whizzed)
Explanation: A polishing of a coin sometimes with an abrasive that leaves a finish that attempts to counterfeit mint luster. A buffed coin often is worth less than one that has not been cleaned ...

Whizzed / Whizzing
This is a harsh cleaning technique that uses a wire brush in order to simulate mint luster. This technique was used in the 60’s and 70’s to fool the uneducated buyer.

Whizzed: The process of moving metal on the surface of a coin to cover or fill marks or scratches. Often used in an attempt to make the coin appear to be in a higher grade.

Whizzed - A form of coin doctoring in which a coin's surface is buffed to give it the appearance of luster. When detected, significantly reduces a coin's value.
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Whizzed -
An artificial process whereby the surface of a coin is buffed to give it the appearance of having natural cartwheel lustre.
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A coin mechanically or chemically treated to make it appear to be of a higher grade than it actually is.

A whizzed coin usually is easily detected with the use of a good magnifying glass, but some whizzed coins can be very deceptive. Under high magnification the surface of a whizzed coin will show many tiny scratches from contact with the wire brush.

whizzeda whizzed coin has been buffed or polished to give it the appearance of the luster found on a mint coin. Often whizzing is done on a high grade coin to try to sell the coin at a higher grade than it really is.

The best way to tell the cleaned and whizzed coin, and to avoid them, is to know what an original coin looks like since there are less variations with the look of an original coin than there is with the look of variously cleaned coins.

half eagles, each lightly cleaned unless otherwise noted-pieces no doubt acquired by Harry Bass to study individual characteristics such as date logotype variations and die states: I 1836 Net VF-30, saltwater surfaces I 1854-D Net VF-35, whizzed I ...

Cleaned coin - A coin which has been dipped, polished, whizzed, wiped, etc. Generally speaking, a certain amount of very light cleaning, such as dipping, done by a professional may be acceptable.

Specimens are occasionally "whizzed"--cleaned or polished in an attempt to pass them off as being higher grades or as proof strikes. In general, the buyer is cautioned to be careful of any unknown seller's claims.

As a second meaning, "burnished" can refer to any coin that was abrasively cleaned after it left the Mint, and the word is often used as a synonym for "whizzed" (the worst kind of cleaning, where the metal is actually moved around).
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" it has AU details as graded by NGC, and is guaranteed authentic but has been "whizzed" according to NGC. Red Book, page 55. Of the market for more than 50 years. Lovely coin despite being cleaned, just $450.00.

of altering of a coin's appearance by using a rotating wire brush to move or remove metal from the surface. The goal of whizzing is to give a coin the artificial appearance of being better grade than it actually is. Under magnification, whizzed coins ...

Whizzed coins soon became impossible to sell, and the whizzers moved on to greener pastures. Perhaps they switched to artificial toning or other more lucrative games. [See Toning] Wonder Coin See Blazer.

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Numismatic  White metal  Whizzing

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