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Stamp Cancellations - Part 2
Early United States stamps bearing postmarks - often called "town" cancellations - with year dates are scarce and much sought after. In fact, any unusual cancellation on a stamp is a collectable item.

Stamp cancellation marks guide
Types of postage stamp cancels and special postmarks ...

Private cancellations are cancellations of postage stamps, or, in some cases, artistamps, applied by other than a government or other official stamp-issuing entity.

Collecting postmarks and cancellations II
By Janet Klug
This installment of Refresher Course continues the discussion of collecting postmarks and cancels begun in the April 1 Linn's. To reprise, a cancel is the marking that strikes the stamp, defacing it and invalidating it for further postal use.

Great Britain - Numbers in 'Maltese Cross' Cancellations
The wide variety of Maltese Cross cancellations, as the first ever postmarks to be found on the first ever stamps, have long fascinated philatelists.

Any mark applied on a stamp to prevent the re-use of a stamp: Postmark, Pen-~, Overprint (specimen, sample, inutilizado), Punched with holes.
A mute ~ is a postmark without inscription, letters or numbers (also known as "killers").
Cantonal stamps ...

~: A marking intended to show a stamp has been used and is no longer valid as postage. Modern cancels usually include the name of the original mailing location or a nearby sorting facility and the date of mailing.

A mark placed on a stamp by a postal authority to prevent its reuse.
Cancelled to Order (CTO): ...

Any mark applied on a stamp to prevent the re-use of a stamp:
A mute ~ is a postmark without inscription, letters or numbers (also known as "killers").

A mark applied to a stamp to prevent its re-use. Usually referred to as a Postmark.
Charity Stamp ...

~. An official mark on the face of a stamp which renders it 'used'
Cancelled to Order. (C.T.O) Stamps which have been cancelled with a postmark being withdrawn new issued for sale to collectors. Cancelled to order stamps are usually neatly cancelled.

Any authorised defacing mark on a stamp.
The position of a stamp design within its perforations e.g. 'well centred' or 'off centre'.

Chalky paper
Stamp paper coated with a chalky solution for security purposes.

~: A marking that shows a stamp has been used. Modern cancels usually include the location of the post office from which the item is mailed and the date of mailing. Some also include a section of lines, bars, text or a design that "kills" the value of the stamp.

*~ - any postal marking applied to a stamp to prevent its reuse. ~ is not synonymous with postmark, although the two terms are frequently confused and used interchangeably. ~s have been applied by handstamps, machine, including sprayed on, and pen or marker ...

The ~ Cataloger:
Collecting styles come and go -- there was once excitement surrounding slogan cancels, even controversy: was it right to have the slogan Pray For Peace on U.S. mail? Didn't that violate the rule about the separation of church and state?

Dumb ~ - A postmark without a date or place of ~.
Duty Plate - The plate that holds the variable design component of a two-part design. Also see key plate.
- E - ...

Inkjet ~
Joint issue - two or more countries honouring the same event by issuing similar (or not) designs on the same date.
Canada's joint issues include: ...

Cancel, ~. A marking, usually a handstamp or postmark, that indicates a stamp has been used.
Catalog. Comprehensive listing of postage and revenue stamps, including current price valuations and illustrations.

~: The marking used by the receiving post office of a letter with hand struck marking to show that the stamp has been used and is no longer valid. Modern cancels usually include the name of the original mailing location or a nearby sorting facility and the date of mailing.

~: An officially authorised obliteration mark on a stamp.
CENTRE: The positioning of a postage stamp's design within the frame formed by perforations.

~ A medium cancel covering more of the design than in Fine condition. ~ not necessarily legible.
You will also see stamps that are called "superb", which means they are even nicer than VF; and stamps called "good", which means they are not as nice as VG.

~ - A mark used by the post office to show that a stamp has been used.
Centering - The position of the design on a postage stamp. On perfectly centered stamps, the design is exactly in the middle (there is equal spacing on all four sides between the perforation and design).

~. A marking applied to an envelope, usually stamped, to denote mailing and to render the stamp, if any, unfit for further use.
Cancelled To Order. Stamps sold by governments in cancelled condition, usually with full gum on the reverse, which have never fulfilled their postal duty.

~s are known from Mõisaküla, Uue-Kariste and Pärnu.
~s are those portions of postmarks that mark the stamp to prevent its reuse.
Christmas Seal ...

A ~ which is or includes a design. The term is normally used for 19th century cancels which were created by local postal officials according to personal whim. Also, see pictorial. [Back to top]
favor cancel
FD ...

Precancellation of stamps of this country was effected by means of oversized holed perfins. Little is known other than stamps defaced in this fashion often received additional ~s at the office of destination.
Austria: ...

The ~ at the highest point in the World took place on May 10, 1996 when a set of four stamps with the FDC on Himalayan Ecology were carried by team of Indo-Tibetian Border Police to Mount Everest. The stamps were released at the base camp at a height of 21,400 ft.

(13) ~:- The marks or obliterations put on a stamp by the postal authorities to show that the stamp has done service and is no longer valid for postage. If made with a pen, the marking is a "pen ~.

Paquebot: ~ indicating an item was mailed aboard a ship.
Par Avion: "A French phrase meaning ""By Air,'' it appears on airmail etiquettes of most countries, along with a similar phrase in the predominant language of the country of origin." ...

A franking or ~ on items sent through the post showing the date and location from where it was mailed - these normally deface the postage stamps to prevent their further use.
Regionals ...

Dumb ~ - An obliteration handstamp containing neither figure nor letter, often made of cork. Used for a variety of purposes including: ~ of postage stamps (see maltese cross); War time security cancelling, and postage census.

Furthermore, the wide variety of ~s on the stamps and the panorama of different usages in the earlier period encourage collectors to specialize in a particular issue or even a particular stamp.

Hot water may also cause ~s, particularly reds and magentas, to bleed.
Caution: Don't soak stamps on colored paper such as red or green Christmas envelopes. The paper can bleed, discoloring all the stamps in the soak batch.
Be patient.

CTOs may be spotted in a set of stamps when the ~ is in exactly the same spot on each stamp. Normally the ~ is simply part of a circle in one corner of the stamp. Another tip is to look for a canceled stamp that still has all its gum on the back.

The Penny Black Stamp was only used for one year because the red ~ mark was hard to see on the black background. As a result of this, the Treasury reprinted the stamp as a red stamp so that the black ~ marks that are later used are easier to see and harder to remove.

There are plenty of pictorial ~s that tie in nicely with a stamp and postcard. Recently, I did several on the 150th birthday of Thomas Edison. I did one on George Washington's birthday from Mount Vernon. on February 22. ...

They developed new machinery and convinced the postal authorities that the precancellation which shows the name of each town from which envelopes were used was no longer needed.

Worldwide Numerical & Lettered ~s

AAMC: 1. American Air Mail Catalog (USA) [abbr.] 2. Australian Air Mail Catalog (Australia) [abbr.] ...

Grill - a pattern of small, square dots in an overall square or diamond-shape that is applied to stamps to prevent their reuse after ~.

29¢ Legends of the West, Full pane with First Day ~, in USPS booklet, incl. First Day program pages.
5.50 ...

Also, a stamp designated by the USPS as a precanceled stamp without ~ marks. The USPS sells precanceled stamps for Presorted First-Class Mail and regular and nonprofit Standard Mail. Mailpieces with these stamps do not go through a canceling machine at the time of mail processing.

Tied: A stamp is said to be tied to a cover when the cancel extends over both the stamp and the envelope paper. Some purists refuse to accept a postmark that doesn’t link a ~ and the stamp.

See also: See also: What is the meaning of Cancel, Stamp, Used, Philatelic, Cover?

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