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Free Frank
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Free frank
A free frank handstamp was applied in Great Britain under the Franking System (until 1840) by which free postage was enjoyed by members of parliament.
The stamp was used to indicate that the piece was to be carried free of charge.

Free Frank - the right to send mail without payment of postage. Usually indicated by a signature where a stamp is usually affixed. This privilege has been extended to various individuals at different times, including government officials and military personnel.

Free franking is usually limited to soldiers' mail during wartime or selected government officials.
Postage stamps, postage meter stamps and computer-generated postage are modern methods of franking a letter.

Presidential Free Frank among PA Top 10 Endangered Artifacts
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~ - A handstamp applied under the Franking System (until 1840, free postage was enjoyed by Members of Parliament) to indicate that the item is to be carried free of charge.
Fresh - Postal item, especially an adhesive, in fine original colour.

This is what is known as the “~.' In the United States, members of Congress, cabinet officers, and presidents have this right as well— it is a privilege designed to encourage communication between the government and the people.

The USPS even has the historic B ~lin post office in Old City, Philadelphia on the chopping block.

A stamp, mark or signature that shows payment of postage on a piece of mail. (A signature, with no stamp or paid marking, is called a ~. ~s are available to congress and the President.) [Back to top]
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Frank, Franking: An indication on a cover that postage is prepaid, partially prepaid or that the letter is to be carried free of postage. Franks may be written, handstamped, imprinted or affixed. ~ing is usually limited to soldiers' mail or selected government correspondence.

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